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Nikolay Yeremenko

General Statistics

Commander Nikolay Yeremenko

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight: 72 kg

Height: 182 cm

Age: 45 years old

Current Assignment

Currently Awaiting Assignment

Physical Description:

Family & Personal History:
Nick was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His mother, a museum curator and his father, a member of Starfleet working on the construction of orbital facilities. While not particular enamored with orbital construction, Nick respected his father enough to follow in his footsteps and pursued an engineering career in Starfleet.

Attending the Gagarin-Zhukovsky Military Combined Academy in Moscow, Nick graduated ninth in his class but otherwise made little impact during his time there. Intending to work on orbital tethers on Earth with his father, Nick instead made the last minute choice to serve on a starship, becoming Engineer’s Assistant on the USS Repulse.

Seven months after he was assigned to the Repulse, the outbreak of the Dominion War changed Nick’s fortunes entirely. By his own admission an “uninspired engineer” Nick was given various special assignments during combat, usually as a messenger during comm blackouts or systems failures.

Depressed by his lack of responsibility during a time of such obvious historical significance, Nick grew increasingly dejected and outside of his duties remained almost entirely secluded in his quarters. In 2375 however, during a failed counter-attack on Betazed, the Repulse was heavily damaged by a Jem’Hadar cruiser. With the bridge smashed, a majority of the crew dead and sections of the ship completely inaccessible from one another, Nick assumed command of a small engineering team. Through Main Engineering, Nick’s team managed to reactivate the phaser array and successfully repelled the Jem’Hadar cruiser long enough for the Repulse’s survivors to be evacuated.

For the remainder of the war and the uneasy peace that followed, Nick served on a variety of starships and stations, often lending a hand to other understaffed crews. Nick however remained transfixed on his actions on the Repulse. Conflicted that his greatest achievement should have occurred on the worst day of his life, Nick resolved to transfer to command and push himself to a position where he could make an actual difference.

The needs of Starfleet however prevented this, with such devastation across the quadrant, Nick’s skills as an engineer were much more valuable than his desires for command. It wasn’t until 2383 that Nick was finally able to attend Starfleet Academy at the age of 32.

One of the oldest humans at the Academy and one of the very few who had seen combat service, Nick was respected yet alienated from his peers. The death of his father and his conflicted emotions over his motives for command left him once again sliding towards isolation.

At the start of his second year however, as the classes moved beyond memorization to real world applications, Nick underwent a dramatic change. Given the opportunity to work on problems that required creativity and “outside the box thinking” Nick became immersed and excelled.

Ironically, as Nick applied himself more and more into extracurricular undertakings his grades and attendance began to decline. By the end of his final year, Nick had attended only enough classes to graduate.

Despite this, Nick’s crowning moment at the Academy came during the Reed Wargames in which cadets raced to reactivate mothballed shuttlecraft and auxiliary ships from the Io Reserve Fleet before competing in simulated tactical exercises.

Unbeknownst to his instructors, Nick’s team had spent the previous few months working on an Armstrong Class starship that was assumed inoperable. Finally managing to activate it on the third day of the Wargames, Nick assumed command and “destroyed” the vessels of sixteen other teams within one hour before being disqualified and ejected from the exercises.

News of this achievement spread quickly and ended up overshadowing the eventual winners. Despite the official investigation that followed and threats of academic suspension, Nick was offered, and quickly accepted, the position of Strategic Operations Officer on the USS Excalibur.

After serving on board the Excalibur for four years, Nick submitted his application for the CO position of the newest ship in the fleet; the USS Sentinel. Expecting to be rejected and offered a lower position as a compromise, Nick was shocked when his application was instead accepted.

Educational History:
Gagarin-Zhukovsky Combined Academy
Starfleet Academy

Medical History:

Service Record

10904.16 - Promoted to Ensign on graduating from Starfleet Academy

11102.29 - Promoted to Lieutenant for continued excellent service to the United Federation of Planets

11305.30 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander for continued good serviced to the United Federation of Planets

11406.02 - Promoted to Commander on taking command of the U.S.S. Sentinel

11406.04 - Assigned to the U.S.S. Sentinel as CO

11411.03 - Removed from active duty