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U.S.S. Hyperion Mission #12

Directed by: C. J. Short





Einar Sigurðsson as Captain Jonathan Rome

Aoibhe Ní Shúilleabháin as Commander Niamh Danann

Sophie Wakeling as Lieutenant Joanne Feyna

Andrew Rice as Cadet Soule Douglas


Guest Starring


James Greenman as Lieutenant Commander Richard Foxworthy


SUMMARY: After repairing the damage to their warp nacelle, the Hyperion makes its way towards the Betreka Nebula to investigate a previously hidden star system, Adria and Agent Madsen still on many minds.


<<<Start: Rosetta>>>

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::on the bridge, sitting relaxed in the XO's seat, munching on the last of a sandwich::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Is on the bridge, checking tactical readiness of the team, reading their training reports::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::sits in his Ready room, waiting for the Subspace comm to come through::

 ACTION: Captain Rome's personal terminal lights up, a comm waiting for him.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::pulls himself over to one of the shield emitter relays and drags his kit along with him, opening ath access panel and taking the phaser inverter to the power matrix::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::leans forward and activates the monitor::

ADM_Walker: ::appears on the small screen:: *CO*: What can I do for you, Captain Rome?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Performing a ship-wide defense diagostic at TAC console, the information scrolling past, vaguely being processed by his brain::

EO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: <phase:

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ALL: Everyone looks so chipper today.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::takes a deep breath:: ADM: Admiral. ::pauses:: I want to know why my request to spearhead the search for Adria was denied... and my crew sent on this... survey mission.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Pulls up a specific team, and begins reading the team leader's report on their latest drill::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: TAC: Maybe everyone's just hungry. ::finishes her sandwich::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Looks up from the report::  XO: I could eat

ADM_Walker: ::gives an understanding nod:: *CO*: A fair question. The Hyperion is too important to that region of space to go off searching without any leads. Additionally, having looked over your previous mission logs, it was my judgment that your crew could use a break, and maybe yourself as well.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::lifts up a plate of sandwich triangles:: CTO: Help yourself. ::chuckles:: CTO: And give me an update while you're at it.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::tries to remain civil:: *ADM*: Admiral...what my people need, is to finish what we started. I know Adria...I can get to her.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Laughs, as he moves over to the replicator:: Computer: Computer, Earl Grey, ho......no, English Breakfast, Hot. XO, CTO: Either of you two want anything whilst I'm here?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: TAC: Coffee. Black. ::thinks:: And a muffin.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Wrinkles her nose at the slightly dry looking sandwiches::  XO: It's okay commander, I think i'll pick up a salad later.  And ship it at readiness, though nothing has come up on sensors to make us fret.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: XO: Chocolate chip?

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::grumbles to himself quietly, his stomach rumbling to remind him of missed breakfast as he secures the linkages between the shield power emitters on this junction::

ADM_Walker: *CO*: I understand, Captain. Believe me, the moment we know where to look, you'll be the first ship we call. But Adria isn't the only threat we face, and the security of your sector is dependent on your presence.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: TAC: Surprise me. ::grins and then turns to CTO:: CTO: Salad? You call that food, Lt?

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Can feel her mouth start to water at the thought of a muffin, but keeps herself strong.::  TAC: Chamomile tea would be nice

CTO_Lt_Feyna: XO: I call that... intermission ::Smiles a little::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: XO: The thing you eat inbetween the main events

CO_Captain_Rome: ::narrows his eyes:: *ADM*: What threat? Admiral... if my ship is in dangerous waters, I have the right to know.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: Computer: Coffee, Black. Chamomile Tea, Hot. Triple Chocolate chip fudge muffin. Bowl of Gagh, as alive as possible. ::The replicator flashes as the unusual order is placed::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::taps his comm badge:: *CTO*: Foxworthy to Feyna. Lieutenant, can you check the shield recharge frequencies from your console, please? We should be seeing an 8%...ish increase in efficiency. ::grumbles and begins closing up the hatch before moving to the next junction::

ADM_Walker: *CO*: I assume you read your briefings, Captain; the Order of the New Kai has already destroyed one ship, and we've recently had reports of Tzenkethi aggression.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::smirks as she hears TAC's order::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: Self: Lets hope none of the Gagh makes it's way into my chamomile tea....

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Passes the muffin and the coffee to Dannan in one hand, whilst passing the the Chamomile to Feyna in the other. Before going back to collect his English Tea and Gagh::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::nods her thanks to TAC:: TAC: You trying to butter me up, Cadet? ::looks at the muffin and picks off a chunk::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Taps badge:: *CEO* This is Feyna.  Give me a moment while i check.  ::Flashes her fingers over the console to confirm shield recharge::

CO_Captain_Rome: *ADM*: I know of recent rumblings, Admiral. However my orders here were purely scientific. However...if there are any Tzenkethi in this area, they will be sorry.

ADM_Walker: *CO*: We don't anticipate any problems with your current mission, Captain; but, in case of an emergency, we need you nearby. Understand?

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Has a look of fake shock on his face at the commander:: XO: My plan....you saw through it!!!!

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Smiles as she accepts the tea with one hand::  *CEO*: Looks like I can confirm your increase.  I got it rounding up to 8%

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Turns her head and raises and eyebrow:: TAC: You had a plan?

CO_Captain_Rome: ::nods:: *ADM*: Understood Admiral.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::shrugs:: TAC: Doesn't matter. Your plan's still working. ::munches on some muffin happily and turns back to the main screen:: NAV: ETA?

CTO_Lt_Feyna: TAC: And here I was, thinking i was just being a good role model

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::opens up the next junction, the last one on his rounds, and begins making the necessary adjustments to carrier linkages:: *CTO*: Fantastic! Math isn't so bad. Thanks, Lieutenant, i'll let you know when the next upgrades are finished.

ADM_Walker: *CO*: I can appreciate your being on edge, Captain, but try to unwind a little. You have a young crew to look after. ::smiles some, and ends the comm::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Laughs at Dannan and Feyna's comments:: CTO/XO: Gentlemen do still exist you know.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: *CEO* Acknowledged Commander.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::lets out a breath as the comm cuts, not giving him a chance to sign off:: Self: Damn pompous ass.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Laughs aloud::  TAC: Just point me towards them, please!

OPS_Fales: XO: Five minutes until we reach the nebula, Commander.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Takes a massive gulp of team whilst looking at the gagh, wriggling ever so slightly:: Self: They never get it right.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: aOPS: Good, good. ::taps her comm badge:: *CO*: Five minutes out, Captain.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Looks at Feyna with mother wide open:: CTO: I'm am hurt Leftenant.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: You wound me worse than the Jem'Hadar did.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Shrugs and smiles::  TAC: And here I was, requesting a wingman

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Winks at the Leftenant:: CTO: You know where to find me.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stands up and heads for the Bridge::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stops as he smells the food and looks around annoyed:: All: This is not a bloody cafeteria. Get that food off the Bridge now.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::Storms over to his seat and sits down::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Looks down at her tea, and tea alone, and feels a moment of relief, knowing what Rome can be like in this mood::

CO_Captain_Rome: XO: Report.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::looks up at the CO, surprised at his sharp tone after her managing to promote some level of joviality on the bridge. Clears her throat, and puts her muffin down:: ALL: You heard the Captain.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Tips his neck directly up as he slides the entire bowl of gagh down his gullet:: Self: What food......

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::stands up:: CO: We're a few minutes out, sir. Tactical reports ready.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Finishes her tea, and takes it to be disposed of in the replicator, wondering where they can find a sexy, non-crazy Orion lady to flirt Rome back into a good mood::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::crosses his legs:: XO: Engineering predicting any ill effect on the ship as we enter?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: CO: Yet to hear back, sir. I expect he's knee deep in hyperspanners right now. ::smiles a little, trying to improve the tone of the bridge again::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::nods::

 ACTION: The Hyperion drops out of warp, the vibrant Betreka Nebula showing up on the viewscreen.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Returns to reviewing the tactical team reports::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::drops a hyperspanner and watches it tumble down towards his knees:: Self: Dammit!

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: What team are you reviewing at the moment ma'am?

CO_Captain_Rome: All: Beautiful...

CTO_Lt_Feyna: TAC: Beta team.  Looks like they are improving their times.  I think it's the teamwork, really getting them to trust each other

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::finishes his adjustments and once more closes the junction panel, tucking things away into his kit before tapping his comm badge:: *CTO*: Foxworthy to Feyna. I've finished my adjustments to the deflector and combat shields, the effects in the Nebula will be minimal as it's only a Class 2, but better to be safe than sorry.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::decides best to get an update before the Captain yells again:: *CEO*: Danann to Span- er, Foxworthy... Got an update on our readiness?

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stands up, keeping his voice down:: XO: We might have to keep an eye open for Tzekenthi. Inform Tactical to extend long range sensors, just...in case.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Looks over to Danann, to confirm that she heard Foxworthy's report::  *CEO*: Thanks for the update.  I'll make sure I utilise it.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: *XO*: Just advised Feyna to check the shield adjustments i've made, Commander. You can expect a little solar shear and decreased sensor efficiency, but the shields will keep us safe.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Nods at Feyna:: CTO: Beta team are pretty good. Alpha and Gamma are a slacking I feel, they could have their times up by 32% if they worked together better.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::arches an eyebrow and nods to CO and trots over to CTO:: CTO: Got a second? ::leans on the back of the Tactical console::

aSCI_R'hash: ::begins a scan of the system::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Raises an eyebrow:: TAC: 32 is a little extreme.  I will give them smaller targets to improve to over time.  Will make them feel like they achieve.  ::Looks over at Danann::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: *CEO*: Understood, thank you. Keep me appraised of any changes. Danann out.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: XO: For you Commander? of course.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::taps his comm badge to close the channel and begins shuffling his way back out of the jeffries tube, heading for thruster control to see if he can increase stabiliser efficiency from there::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::leans in and speaks quietly, forcing the CTO to lean in, too:: CTO: I want you to increase the reach of our long-range scans as far as you can. Keep a weather eye on them.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO: We evidently have differing training strategies. My Omega team have been doing alright, they're running the same rough time as Beta. But Delta, are ahead.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Mimics her movement, as she did previously::  XO: I can push them out as far as  I can.  Can I assume we are trying to keep tabs on a certain green female?

CO_Captain_Rome: aNAV: Alright, let's go survey a planet shall we.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Overhears the Leftenant and Commander's conversation and just slightly leans in to hear more::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::grimces:: CTO: Actually... no. The Captain wants us to monitor for Tzenkethi vessels.

aNAV_Vasquez: CO: Yes, sir.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: Self: The Tzenkethi!!!

 ACTION: The Hyperion arcs gracefully towards the system.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::notices TAC and face turns grim, glances back to CTO with a warning look that they'd been overheard:: CTO: Just let me know if you spot anything, will you?

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Nods:: XO: I can do that. ::Rolls her eyes very slightly in the direction of Douglas, so only Danann can see::

aSCI_R'hash: CO: The star is a small class B, roughly a quarter the size of Sol. The planet is M class, similar in size to Luna.

CO_Captain_Rome: aSCI: Gravity?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::smiles her thanks:: CTO: Excellent. ::taps the back of the console lightly, then stands up straight and returns to the command circle::

aSCI_R'hash: CO: .94 Gs, sir.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::reaches thruster control and finds the right control panel, connecting his small terminal to the relay then beginning a diagnostic, adjusting plasma induction levels across the arrays::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CTO, XO: I didnt mean to snoop ma'ams. ::Nods at them::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Stands back upright, and begins to set up an extension to the long range scanners, with specific result criteria::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Murmers:: TAC: I hope we can trust in your discretion

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::stands beside CO, speaks softly:: CO: Nice. We'll all lose a little weight down there.

CO_Captain_Rome: XO: Perhaps you could head down there perhaps...especially after that muffin.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Leans into Feyna to whisper:: Of course ma'am. When have you known me to be a gossip?

 ACTION: The system is put on the main viewer, the small rocky body spinning peacefully around a blue star. The planet appears to be covered in greens and browns; no large bodies of water can be seen.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::cracks a broad grin, staring directly ahead, avoiding the CO's direct gaze:: CO: Might bring the rest of it with me on the Away Team, sir. For later.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: TAC: Not intentionally, Douglas, not intentionally.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::finished his adjustments then packs his kit and heads to the bridge, dusting off his hands as he goes::

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Wonders if everytime Rome is in a bad mood, she should just show him images of a beautiful planet::

aSCI_R'hash: ::continues the initial survey:: CO: I'm detecting significant plantlife on the surface; animal presence indeterminate.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: Self: Wow... ::stares at the blue sun::

CO_Captain_Rome: aSCI: Any signs of intelligent life ?

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::steps off of the Turbolift and onto the Bridge:: Computer: Computer, transfer engineering control to the bridge. ::smiles and logs onto his system before turning and staring at the planet rotating below them::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: NAV: Get us closer. We're too far out for accurate scans.

 ACTION: The Hyperion advances, moving to establish a high orbit around the planet.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Looks at the planet on the viewscreen just as everyone else:: Self: Meh, it's fairly pleasent looking.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: XO: Wouldn't it be more prudent to launch a planetary survey probe, Commander? Until I can get this solar shear adjusted for the closer we get, the bumpier our ride might become.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: CEO: I was being a back-seat pilot again, wasn't I?

SCI_R'hash: CO: Currently unknown, sir.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::grins slowly:: XO: Can't blame you, the view is usually best from the back.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CEO, XO: We could boost power to the inertial dampeners.

aNAV_Vasquez: ::looks back at the XO expectantly::

CO_Captain_Rome: ::stands up:: aSCI: Radio transmissions, CO2 levels? We need to be certain before we start sending in probes. They might be detected.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Secures the power to the long range scanners, so that it can't be co-opted for other uses::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods slightly:: TAC: Wouldn't help us if we get whipped by a force 4 shear and it tears a thruster our of its mount, but at least we'd be comfortable.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::looks at aNAV:: aNAV: Do it your way ::pauses:: aNAV:... don't hit the planet or send us spiraling into the sun.

SCI_R'hash: CO: CO2 levels are roughly consistent with a tropical climate. It's difficult to tell if the level is artificial in any way, but- ::cuts off suddenly, frowning at the viewer::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CEO: We could reinforce the integrity field around the the thruster in that advent. A shear would still knock us for shit, but we'd all be comfortable and still have thrusters.

 ACTION: As the planet rotates, a black mark can be seen, roughly circular in shape.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO/XO: We can prepare a class-3 surveillance probe, it wouldn't be detected and would give us visuals on the planet. It's what anthropology teams use when studying pre-warp civilizations.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::glances at the CO for his nod::

[12:45] <+CO_Captain_Rome: aSCI: What the hell is that?

[12:46] <+CO_Captain_Rome: ::nods to Danann::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: CEO: Prep the probe and launch.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Keeps an avid eye out for any other vessels on long range scanners::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods, turning back to his console and loading the required probe into a magazine, prepping it with a planatery survey suite:: XO: Probe ready, Commander.

aSCI_R'hash: ::focuses the sensors:: CO: It appears to be damage from bombardment. The damage is old; there is vegetation regrowth happening on the periphery, and I can't detect any residues that might inform the nature of the weapon.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: CEO: Launch when ready. Give us running telemetry on the viewscreen.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Have the probe examine that area, Commander.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::nods again, firing the probe and setting the course to take it through the atmosphere and on a lateral orbit one thousand km about the surface, making sure it passes above the black area:: XO/CO: Coming on screen now.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: aSCI: Weapon? Sure it's not just a meteorite?

 ACTION: The probe is fired, establishing an orbit that passes directly over the area.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: XO/CO: Could be a very, very focused solar flare. ::shrugs, then monitors his probe telemetry::

aSCI_Rhash: ::shakes her head some:: XO: There's no cratering like you'd expect from an impact that large.

CO_Captain_Rome: All: I want to know what did that.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: CEO: Surely the atmosphere would dispel most of the energy from a flare if that were the case...

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CEO: Wouldn't a Solar flare of that magnitude have stripped the entire atmosphere?

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::thinks:: aSCI: Scan for tectonic activity.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::shrugs:: TAC/XO: Probably, I'm not a scientist.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Starts to look at the crater with the eye of a potential weapons impact, analysising to see what might have caused it::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::checks the blip, and narrows the surveillence focus on that area:: XO/CO: I'm picking up some debris, the probe is passing for another look. ::brings the image up on screen::

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: :: looks to the screen::

aSCI_Rhash: XO: I'm detecting minor tectonic activity; nothing to indicate volcanic activity, however.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Jokes:: All: Maybe the Borg have paid this planet a visit.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: aSCI: Hm.

 SCENE: It's hard to make out the debris on the viewscreen, but the pattern is indicated artificially.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::narrows her eyes at the screen then turns to CO:: CO: Captain, an Away Team may give us a better impression of what is going on here.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::tries his best to pick out the outline of debris from the images:: XO/CO: There's too much vegetation. I'd suggest transporting some of it into the shuttlebay to get a closer look.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Any signs of radiation?

aSCI_Rhash: All: The pattern seems consistent with a crash landing.

CTO_Lt_Feyna: ::Turns her head, and gives Douglas a 'That was inappropriate' look::

CO_Captain_Rome: XO: Not yet....we need to be certain there's no life down there.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Hears the phrase away team, and begins to get eager::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::runs a radiological scan on the area::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Catches Feyna's eye, coughs and averts his gaze from her::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: Nothing much above normal background, it should be safe Sir.

CO_Captain_Rome: CEO: Do it.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::nods once, a little disappointed. Apart from getting to lead an Away Team on a newly discovered planet, she was rather hoping to get out from under Rome's dark cloud for a while::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: Gamma rads are higher than normal, though. Could be due to whatever crashed down there. ::checking his console, he tags a good selection of debris chunks and initiates a transport into the Shuttlebay::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Begins to vibrate whilst chittering under his breath:: Self: Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me......

CO_Captain_Rome: aSCI: I want to know if there's intelligent life down there.

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::keeps her face pointed at the screen, unable to see TAC's little fit behind her::

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: CO: I've got the probe mapping the planet on adjusting orbits, we can have the computer go through the images once it's finished to pick out any signs of habitation or life.

aSCI_Rhash: ::continues to scan:: CO: I'm not detecting any radio signals; there's no structures... I am picking up a dead area, however; there might be something dampening our scanners.

CO_Captain_Rome: aSCI: Have the probe check it out.

aSCI_Rhash: <ENG_Hollis: *CEO*: Um... Hollis to Foxworthy.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::taps his comm badge:: *ENG*: Foxworthy here. What's up, Buddy?

SCI_Rhash: <ENG_Hollis: *CEO*: The, uh... the debris you beamed in...

XO_LtCmdr_Danann: ::still wants to finish that muffin::

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: CO: Captain, we could send a tactical team down under the cover of night to securely check for lifesigns around the...crater?

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: *ENG*: If it says "U.S.S. Hyperion" i'm kicking your ass straight to Temporal Investigations myself.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::looks over his shoulder, listening to the CEO's conversation::

aSCI_Rhash: <ENG_Hollis: *CEO*: It's Borg, sir.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::blinks:: *ENG*: Get out of there!

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: Computer: Computer, erect a level 10 containment field around the debris in the Shuttlebay.

CO_Captain_Rome: ::Stands up:: All: RED ALERT.

TAC_Cdt_Douglas: ::Eyes open very wide at being correct:: All: Well Shit me...

CO_Captain_Rome: CTO: Long range sensors, scan for subspace anomalies.

CEO_LtCmdr_Foxworthy: ::glances over at Cadet Douglas, mouthing the word "Murphy" and staring accusingly::


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