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Mission Summary

Sigma Rho, Mission #3

Leads have been found, and the Security and Tactical teams are just about ready to dig deeper into the mystery surrounding the Minotaur's destruction. Science has managed to find a trace piece of evidence from the wreckage floating in space, but what will their discovery mean for the saboteur that may or may not be onboard.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Begin Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::walks into the promenade, security team in tow, looking out for the two Minotaur MEDs::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Looks over the data he and Ensign Jensen have garnered from the recovered debris.::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CSO: It's not much to go on.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ENG: But it's something. Evidence of sabotage, in the very least. ::He raises his eyebrow as he so often does.::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::sits in ops, trying to figure out how long to give people before she bugs them::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Stops in front of the guest quarters of the Minotaurs medical officers. :: SEC_Team: Alright, lets go.  ::Rings the doors chime.::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::attempts to get the backlighting on his console to stop flickering::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::walks up to two teal-clad Starfleet officers:: Officers: Excuse me officers, a moment of your time.


ACTION: There's no answer from the door chime


<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CSO: We're going to have to let security know.  One of the survivors could have brought more onto the station.  It wouldn't take much to do some real damage.

<~MED_Ens_Rhal> ::turns to face the CSEC, looking a little haggard, speaking for herself and her friend:: CSEC: Lieutenant. What can I do for you, sir?

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Pulls his phaser and nods to the Security Officers as he thumbs in his security code to open the door.::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ENG: I agree. ::Taps his combadge:: *XO*: Lieutenant Commander, we have uncovered some data that you will probably be interested in.

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::bumps his knee into the console, hoping that will do the trick::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Ens Rhal: Ensign, would it be possible for you to follow me, I have a few questions about the Minotaur. ::sweeps him arm towards the lift to the second level, signifying that the two officers should lead the way.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::widens her eyes some and taps her combadge:: *CSO*: Go ahead, Lieutenant. ::watches OPS fiddle with his console::


ACTION: The explosion rocks the station, alarm bells going off everywhere, red alert klaxons sounding as the doors to the quarters and half of the bulkhead explodes outwards sending the Tactical team crashing across the corridor.


<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::eyes widen as reports start flooding in:: XO: Commander, we have ......we have.....damage!

<~MED_Ens_Rhal> ::covers her head, glancing around with panic on her face::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CSO:  What the fuck was that?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::steadies his feet, eyes wide:: Security: Animim to Security, report!

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::leaps to her feet as alarms start blaring:: OPS: Damage report!

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Looks at Jensen with concern:: *XO*: Mister Jensen and I have discovered discrete evidence of sabotage on the Minotaur. That shake was unrelated.


ACTION: The second MED officer on the Promenade dashes into the milling crowd


<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Slams into the bulkhead, his vision blacking out for a second as he tries to struggle back to a sitting position.::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::receives the report, holding a hand to his earpiece:: XO: Explosion, ma'am. Deck 4, guest quarters.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::suddenly turns to see one of the MEDs fleeing:: Security Crewman: After him! You, stay here and keep this officers under control! ::runs in the direction of the second MED officer.

<~MED_Ens_Rhal> ::looks around in a panic:: All: Telim!? ::glances back and forth, then turns to CSEC:: CSEC: What's happening!?

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> XO: Medical reports....no fatalities, minor injuries. ::turns to face her, his face stricken and looking for orders::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Steadies himself from the rocking station against the console in his lab, seemingly unphased.:: ENG: We should report to OPS. ::He waits for a response.::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::taps the combadge as he is running:: MED: I don't have the time now, Doctor. An explosion occurred, Doctor.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Shakes his head to clear the fog, aps his combadge.::  *CSEC/XO*: Detonation in crew quarters....Minotaur medical officers quarters....Damn it....

<~MED_Ens_Rhal> ::bites her lip, then does what she does best - heads for Sickbay to help::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CSO:  I need to find out what kind of damage was done.  ::Taps com badge::  *OPS*  What was that?  An explosion?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::steels her expression:: OPS: Order all ships in the area to increase distance to 500,000km. Alert station personnel; all non-essential should return to their quarters.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::nods at the Engineer.:: ENG: Then I will take my leave. ::Makes his way through the door and towards the Turbolift.::


ACTION: The flash of teal dashes into a side alley with another set of shops


<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::nods:: XO: Yes Commander.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> *CTO*: Are you alright, Lieutenant Thran?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::taps combadge:: *Security*: Animim to all Security personnel. We have a fugitive MED officer in the Promenade...THERE HE IS! ::dodges into the alley, security officer in tow::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::takes his phaser as he is running, just in case::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Heads toward lift, waiting for a response from OPS::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Enters the Turbolift:: TL: Operations.

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::opens up emergency hailing frequencies:: *All*: All ships in the system to move to a distance of 500.000 km from the station immediately and await further orders. All non essential station personnel report to quarters. I repeat, all non essential station personnel report to quarters immediately.

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::taps his badge:: *ENG*: Explosion in guest quarters, level 4.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Looks around and sees the Sec team moving and trying to get back to their feet.:: *CSEC/XO*: No major injuries... a few concussions maybe.  Scanning the area for the Minotaur officer.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> *CTO*: Lieutenant, if you can hear me, get to the promenade; assist  Animim in apprehending the saboteur.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *OPS*  Will check it out. ::Makes his way to a TL::  TL: Level 4, please.

ACTION: As the request goes out on the tannoy, the milling crowd on the Promenade begin to make their way back to general quarters.


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::keeps running into the alley, trying to keep track of the fleeing MED officer::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::swallows lightly and taps her combadge again:: *CSEC*: Animim, report!

<~Ran_Telim> ::flies into Qaplah's, breathing hard, leaping over one table and sending someone's Gagh Burger flying across the wall before diving over the counter and into the kitchen::

<SCI_Ens_Janx> CSO: Unknown, Sir.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Begins running a scan on all internal systems::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CSO: Where's Jensen?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::responds to the XO in-between breaths as he follows the MED into Qaplah's:: *XO*: The fugitive has ran into Qaplah's, I suggest getting all civvies out of the promenade, sir!

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Pulls his tricorder off his belt and scans the debris, shining a flashlight into the blackened room.::  *CSEC/XO: Traces of Ultritium...no lifesigns....picking up what looks like the remains of a combadge and what looks like the trigger mechanism...its tied into what left of the door..son of a bitch!  ::kicks the remains of the door in anger.::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> XO: He was on his way to an Engineering Station. ::Taps his combadge:: *ENG*: Mister Jensen, what is your location?


ACTION: The already broken door shatters and collapses


<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CSO* Level 4, I want to access the damage.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> XO: Lieutenant Commander, Internal Systems are all operative and responding. There is damage on deck four, and I am detecting more traces of Ultritium. ::He turns to the XO with a serious demeanor:: XO: Likely another bomb.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::turns towards the other SEC officer with him:: SEC: Go around the back and try to cut him off, quick!


ACTION: The civilians from the Promenade start to gather around the damaged quarters, seeing as all of their own are nearby too.


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::slowly approaches the door to the kitchen, slowing down so that he isn't ambushed::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *CTO*: I need back-up, send all SEC personnel to Qaplah's.

<~Ran_Telim> ::glances around, pushing his way past a cook and sending the Blood Wine Battered Targ scattering across the floor, then kicks open the back exit and sprints back out into the alleyway::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::looks up as fresh Security personnel arrive and begin tending to the wounded:: CSEC/XO:  I recommend scanning for Ultritium and placing force fields around those areas if possible, anything to minimize the damage.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *ENG*: Understood. ::He nods to the First Officer, assuming she had heard Jensen's location.::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Heads toward the damaged guest quarters::


ACTION: Two constables block off the exit to the alleyway


<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> *CSEC*: The order's already been given, Lieutenant. Get any remaining civilians out of there, and surround the restaurant; take them alive, if you can. ::nods to Sutak:: CSO: Alert Thran to the ultritium's location.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::notices the MED fleeing, and starts running after him again:: Self: GODDAMIT!

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *CSEC*: Understood, We're enroute.

<~Ran_Telim> ::stops, panting hard and pulling out a small type one phaser, backing up against the wall half way between the Qaplah's entrance and the opening of the alleyway, his hand ajitter, waving back and forth the phaser between the two sets of guards::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Begins tracing the Ultritium by it's radioactive signature, hopefully the isotropic residue will leave behind some kind of trail::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::brings up his phaser, setting it on stun:: MED: Drop your phaser and put your hands up, you are surrounded!

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::prepares to fire as soon as it appears that the MED will fire::

<~Ran_Telim> CSEC: I didn't want to do it! I DIDN'T! ::looks close to tears, his phaser hand weaving around erratically::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> OPS: Whose quarters were those, specifically?

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Jogs into the TL. :: TL: Promenade.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> MED: We can get it all straightened out, officer, if you come with us PEACEFULLY.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Scans damaged quarters with tricorder, trying to determine if the Ultritium signature matches that of the Minotaur debris field::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> XO: Quarters assigned to the Minotaur's Medical personnel, Commander.

<~Ran_Telim> ::tears leak down his cheeks:: CSEC: All those people....She killed them all...

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Begins tapping furiously at the console in front of him:: OPS: Can you divert power to the internal sensors, Mr. Sigurdsson? ::Begins modifying the internal sensors to detect radioactive isotropic remnants::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::his fingers fly over the -still- fluctuating controls:: CSO: Rerouting emergency power to internal sensors..

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> MED: Put down your phaser, officer, we can help you get through this!

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> XO: With enough power, the sensors should be able to highlight a trail for the Ultritium signature from the moment it arrived on the station... ::He adjusts his sensors and sends his findings to the main screen::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *XO*: Sir, I recommend we take all precautions with exterior traffic.  Any ships that attempt to approach should be disabled...they didn't do this without plans to escape.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Jogs off the TL, heading in the direction of the CSEC.::

<~Ran_Telim> ::shakes his head:: CSEC: Nobody can help me...Nobody! ::jams the phaser into his gut and fires::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Taps com badge::  *XO* Sir, this is Jensen.  I'm in the damaged section.  Ultritium signature definitely matches that of the Minotaur debris field.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::brings up the files on the surviving medical personnel from the Minotaur:: *CTO*: I'm not going to start shooting at random ships, Lieutenant.


ACTION: There's no sound, Telim just slumps to the floor


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::runs towards the MED:: *OPS*: I need a transport for two to the sick-bay, NOW!

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Shakes his head.::  *XO*: Apologies Commander, I meant within reason.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> Self: Humans.

ACTION: The main viewer shows the layout of Deck 4. High concentrations of Ultritium show up around the quarters, traces of it scatter across the deck in a random pattern

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> *CSEC*: A tele...a what now? Transport? YES! Sorry! ::locks onto the Lieutenant's location and initiates transport::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Twists his face in disapproval:: XO: Apologies, Lieutenant Commander, I expected more refined data... Let me adjust the sensors. ::Begins eradicating background radiation from his scans::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Jogs up to the CSEC and slowly comes to a stop. :: CSEC: He...killed himself?!

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Isolates a particularly clear path of radiation and highlights it... It appears to lead into a turbolift.::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> *ENG*: Lieutenant Sutak is detecting another source of Ultritium. Once's he's located it, get a team... nearby... ::sighs as she looks at the readout::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Gets a sudden thought and pulls out his tricorder and scans Telim, looking for traces of Ultritium.::


ACTION: Animim and Telim disappear in a flash of blue light, straight into Sickbay. There's a rush of people around the bed, Doctors in surgical masks pushing the Security Chief out of the way


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::doesn't have time even to answer the CTO back as he is transported away:: Doctors: Someone please tell me he's gonna make it.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CSO* Mr Sutak, which way? ::Hollars at the nearest security personnel:: SEC:  You're with me.


ACTION: The screen zooms in, showing the trails disappearing downwards along the Turbolift shaft. The trail is getting fainter until it reaches Level 39, trails out onto the deck then disappears


<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Taps away at his console, when he turns to the First Officer with a defeated face.:: XO: Lieutenant Commander... ::He pauses:: XO: We should engage Lockdown Protocols, and move the Engineering and Security Teams with transporters, prevent any further devices from moving, so that I can pin down any locations... ::His face looks dire in concern, even for a Vulcan::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *Taps his combadge again.*:  *XO*: Sir, I strongly recommend we place personnel in the stations magazine storage and conduct scans there...if they are trying to do what they did to the Minotaur, thats where they'll do the most damage.

<~Ran_Telim> ::looks from the gruesome wound in Telim's stomach to the readout above the biobed, then turns to the CSEC:: CSEC: He's going to need a lot of work...We'll move him into surgery now.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods some:: *CTO*: Do it.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> OPS: What's on deck 39?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CSO: Agreed.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Taps at the console:: Computer: Initiate Lockdown Procedure, code Sutak Alpha Gamma Five.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::taps his combadge:: *XO*: Sir, the suspect shot himself before we could apprehend him. He's currently in sick bay. It looks like he was coerced into it, though. Mentioned a 'she', I recommend alerting everyone of a female suspect.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Taps his combadge:: *ENG*: Mr. Jensen, OPS will be beaming you to Deck 39. ::Double taps the badge:: *CSEC*: There may be another device on deck 39, OPS will beam you there. We are initiating lockdown protocols.

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::brings up the schematics:: XO: Nothing important to station security, Commander....however, the lower decks which DO require security clearance contain matter/antimatter storage pods and quantum torpedo storage....

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Readies for transport::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *CSO*: Understood, ready for transport.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CSO* Ready when you are.


ACTION: The rush of attention around Telim intensifies, the Doctors and Nurses preparing him for surgery then pushing the Biobed into the secured ICU surgery room.


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::looks towards a nearby SEC officer:: SEC: Keep an eye on him! ::points towards the wounded MED::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> OPS: Erect force fields around the jefferies tubes leading down from Deck 39.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Nods at OPS::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::works the controls:: XO: Erecting force fields, aye Commander.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> OPS: Beam Mr. Animim and his team directly to the point where the radiation signature ends. Mr. Jensen and his Engineering team should follow. ::Looks to the First Officer.::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Orders personnel to actively patrol and scan the stations torpedo magazines and storage areas, then heads into the TL.:: TL: Deck 39

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::looks to the XO::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods her assent::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> XO: Lieutenant Commander, if the device is detonated before the Security Team is able to locate it and beam it off station... ::He doesn't even finish::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> *CSEC*: Mr. Animim, you and your team stand-by for transport to deck 39.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::stands, readying himself for transport::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::locks onto the team and initiates transport::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CSO: We need to find it. Scan every deck from 39 downward, especially our photon magazines and banks.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Returns to his scans, hoping that the lockdown has held the device in place long enough to get a strong signature of its location::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::taps his combadge.:: *aTAC*: Prep a tractor beam, I don't want anything getting of this station.

ACTION: Everyone appears in front of the Turbolift onto Deck 39, looking out onto huge maintenance bays full of nacelles, sensor units, communications array and large chunks of shuttle and runabout bulkheads.


<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *CSEC*: I will attempt to locate the device remotely. Attune your tricorders to the Ultritium signature I am sending you. ::He taps at his console furiously, FURIOUSLY::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::immediately gets his tricorder out and starts scanning for traces of Ultritium, using the data from the CSO and mentions for his team to fan out and do the same::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Gets another thought and taps his combadge yet again.:: *CSEC/XO/CSO: Sirs, perhaps we could locate our quarry by scanning the lower decks for any unauthorized personnel?

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Pulls out tricorder, looking for the same Ultritium signature.  Heads toward torpedo banks::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Notes his sensor readings:: *CSEC*: Section 7, on the other side of the deck... ::He focuses his signature readings, highlighting a trail:: *CSEC*: Plasma Control Maintenance! ::His exclamation is the first anyone has probably ever heard from the Vulcan.::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> XO: Even though the Deuterium and Matter/Antimatter pods located in the station's lower levels are heavily shielded and reinforced to prevent any targeted attacks.....I believe we should perhaps jettison the storage?

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Steps off the TL and trots up to the security team and the CSEC.::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Team: The Plasma Control Maintenance section, quickly! ::starts running in the direction of Section 7::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Follows the CSEC and his team.::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Follows quickly behind the CSEC::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> OPS: Not just yet. ::listens to the comm traffic as she brings up the Minotaur crew listings, looking for any females who joined up recently::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::as he runs, he puts his tricorder back and takes out his phaser, just in case::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> XO: Yes ma'am. ::nods and returns his attention to scheduling repairs::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CSO: If Plasma Control goes, would force fields do anything to limit the damage?

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::His screen blinks, probably furiously:: XO: Lieu-, Sara it's going to explode. ::His voice is grave, he taps his badge:: *CSEC*: You have no time, the device will go off any second. Hurry! ::He turns to the XO:: XO: The device is being activated. We should have Operations standby for Emergency Transport in the event of an explosion. We should also consider abandoning the station,

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> the signature is large... It will be a devastating explosion... ::He stands at attention, his voice calm again.::

<~Jeol_Ali> ::turns at the sound of footsteps, a Bajoran phaser pistol gripped tight in her hand, aimed at the very large entrance into the room:: All: You can't stop me! The Prophets have willed it!

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::He thinks, his eyes rolling to the corners of his head.:: XO: It'll breach... at least ten decks on that side of the station.. Maybe more.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> OPS: How many ships are nearby?

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *OPS*: then eject the damn thing!  use the tractor beam to push it away!

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CTO:  I think I can disarm it.  Do you have scans on the trigger mechanism?

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::swallows::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Taps his badge:: *CSEC*: If you can locate the device, tag it with your combadge, OPS will beam it to a safe distance... There's no time, hurry. ::He nods to OPS, his order clear.::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Scans tricorder, reviewing data::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Aims his phaser at the crazy Bajorans.:: ALL: Why are all religious beings insane?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::immediately shoots the suspect when he runs in::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CSO: Order those areas to evacuate; beam everyone out who's not working to secure the device.


ACTION: The look of surprise is pretty complete on her face as the phaser blaster smashes into her shoulder and sends her spinning across the room to crash on the floor, whatever words she had to say cut very short


<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Watches the bajoran fall and nods. :: CSEC: I approve.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Looks back at the growing ultritium readings on his console:: XO: they have to hurry. ::Turns to OPS:: OPS: beam out everyone but the Security Team. ::He looks down as he gives the order, knowing that Mister Jensen could probably disable the device... But his judgement was that there was no time.::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::immediately approaches the device, ripping the combadge off his uniform, and attaches it to the device:: *CSO*: My combadge is on the device, hurry!

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> XO: Just one, a small Bajoran freighter.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *XO*: Sir I recommend you use the tractor beam my people prepared to..."detain" that freighter!

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::turns towards Ensign Jensen:: ENG: See what you can do in the meanwhile, I guess.. ::smiles::

<~Jeol_Ali> ::groans heavily, coughing up blood from the hard fall::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Turns to ENG.:: ENG: tell me what I can do to help?

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::tries to get a lock on it:: *CSEC*: It's no good, Lieutenant. You will have to attempt to disarm it.

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::Looks to the XO for confirmation::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Moves cautiously toward device, examining the trigger mechanism::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CTO: I suggest praying, sir.

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> *CSEC*: Plasma distortions along with the device itself's EM-field....a transport might very well set it off.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ALL: The containment fields are interfering with the transporter lock...terrorists do tend to plan ahead.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> OPS: Lieutenant, the First Officer gave you an order, beam the whole section out if you have to, put forcefields in place afterwards. ::he's deadly serious, he taps his combadge:: *CSEC*: Get out of that room.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> OPS: Is the freighter giving any signs of an attempt to flee?

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ENG: I'm Andorian Mr. Jensen, we don't have gods anymore.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ENG: They can't transport it off, Ensign. I don't planning on getting blown up today. ::laughs nervously, as he always does in tense situations::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::initiates transport::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Starts to attempt to disable the anti-tamper sensor::  CTO: We'll know in about 90 seconds if this is going to work.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CSO: Beam out's no good.


ACTION: The transporter fizzles, there's too much EM interference in the room the device is in.


<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> Self: Is it the red wire, or the black wire?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Team: Get out of here, gentlemen, and bring the suspect with you.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::looks at the Engineer with an odd look.:: ENG: There are wires?  How archaic...

<~Jeol_Ali> ::collapses into a painful unconsciousness::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::gets out his tricorder and starts scanning the device as well, looking for an opening::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CTO:  Wait, I've bought us some time, we have about 5 minutes.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Nods to the First Officer. There's nothing more he can do, he returns to his scans, ensuring power is available in the areas that will be destroyed, for emergency force fields.::

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> XO: No Commander, it's holding course.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Traces circuitry back to trigger::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> OPS: They're too far out to tractor, now... ::shakes her head lightly::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ENG: All I want to hear is good news, Ensign.

<+OPS_LtJg_Sigurdsson> ::keeps tabs on the going on in the shuttle maintenance bay::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Thinks about his only friend on the station, the Engineer, likely to be blown into a fine pink mist. For a brief moment, the Vulcan considers if the bits left by Jensen would be smaller or larger than those left of the Minotaur. It was a passing thought.::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Jumpers the circuit to bypass the anti-tamper sensor::  CSEC: I'll try not to say anything then.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::The Vulcan nods to himself, of course, the bits would be vaporized. He continues his scans::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::looks to the CSO, looking for a way to ease the tension a bit:: CSO: Did you call me Sara?


ACTION: The bypass works,, the countdown clock flashing off for a second...then coming back on. The readout says 2:04 and starts counting down again


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::starts pacing up and down, a nervous grin on his face:: CTO: So, wanna have a long, nice drink if we survive this::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> All: Well, I always said I wanted to go out with a bang!

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Turns to the XO:: XO: My apologies, Lieutenant Commander. ::He pauses, seemingly thinking of an explanation:: XO: Due to our conflicted relationship, I needed to convey to you the seriousness of the situation. Using your first name seemed the best way. I apologize for breaching protocol. I will file a report on the matter and report for discipline::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> All: Hope this works.  ::Sends a tiny charge from his tricorder to short out the trigger mechanism.  Takes a deep breath and holds it::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Sweats profusely, tries not to throw up::


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pause Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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