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Station Sigma Rho, Mission #2

Mission Summary


The USS Minotaur has been destroyed, but the Sigma Rho managed to beam everyone onboard. It's a little crowded in the cargo bays but triage is working, people are being sent to guest quarters and casualties were kept to a minimum.


However, Captain Walter's word to Idrani about a saboteur aboard her ship means that this wasn't an accident. The investigation is underway, and only the Prophets know what the Sigma Rho crew will find.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Begin Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::walks out his office and into operations::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::enters morgue, PADD in hand and looks around for the nearest doctor::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::steps back into OPS after a brief timeout:: CSO: How is the analysis coming, Lieutenant?

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Stands at his station, waiting on word from Mr. Jensen in the docking bay. He taps at his console.::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> XO: We're currently waiting on Mr. Jensen's team to depart and begin analyzing the debris. ::Looks to his console:: XO: He appears to still be in the docking bay, some trouble with the runabout.

<Nurse_Wu'chu> ::stands over one of the corpses, medical tricorder in hand::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::takes his chair::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::goes to the nearest doctor:: Nurse Wu'Chu: Nurse, I'm searching for records on two deceased from the Minotaur, one Crewman Lloyd and one Crewman L'tak

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Steps off the shuttle, glowering at the pilot for delaying his arrival one more time, then taps his Combadge.:: *TAC*: Thran to Calverian, my apologies for being delayed Cadet.  Have security teams been placed in and around the cargo bay holding the Minotaur crew per the Captains orders?

<Ensign_Wickes> ::looks really nervous as Idrani takes his seat, wondering how he's supposed to use his console now::

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> *CTO*: Yes Lieutenant, everything is set.

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::turns to face Animim with a quiet smile:: CSEC: Friends of yours, sir? ::leads the Bolian man over to some of the first beds::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *ENG*: Mr. Jensen, what is your estimated time of departure? ::He notes the time on his console.::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *TAC*: Excellent.  I'm checking in briefly with the Captain and CSEC, then I will join you shortly. Thran out.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::smiles back the nurse:: Nurse: Not quite. I've read the report about Crewman Lloyd, about the unusual wounds he had.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CSO* Just waiting for the go ahead, Mr. Sutak.  Shuttle is prepped and ready.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::raises an eyebrow:: *ENG*: Surely you meant Runabout?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::takes an Andorian coffee from the replicator and strolls back over to the operations center, facing the viewscreen::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CSO* They don't have a Runabout available.  Making do with what I can.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Moves to the TL, still carrying some of his luggage.:: TL:  OPS.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Nurse: Was the post-mortem done on Crewman L'tak?

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::leads Animim over to the body of a young human crewman, pulling back the shroud:: CSEC: It was strange. The hypospray bruise and the broken arm...We've just assumed that he was in Sickbay at the time.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *ENG*: So be it. Take your vessel within range of the debris. Take radiological and diametric scans to determine if we have any debris from the source of the initial explosion. If the debris is determined safe for personal inspection, you may mark some pieces for transport. ::Notates his action at the console::

<~Nurse_Wuchu> :;shakes her head:: CSEC: Not yet, sir. There....isn't much to work with.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CSO* Aye Mr. Sutak, heading out now.  ::Initiates shuttle launch sequence::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::looks worried:: Nurse: I take it that only part of his body was recovered, then?

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::looks to Sumner:: XO: Lieutenant Commander, permission to examine any debris the science team retrieves in my laboratory, once it arrives?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods:: CTO: Granted. ::moves to lean on a console near Thalev::

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::bites her lip slightly, glancing at the bed further down covered with a stasis field:: CSEC: It...wasn't pretty. Crewman L'Tak was practically on top of the initial explosion, we think.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> XO: Those were my orders anyway. ::smiles::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> Self: I have maintained the chain of command. ::notes as much at his console with a few loud taps::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Nurse: How were they able to retrieve his body at all? Transporter?

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Steps off the TL and looks about for a moment, spotting the Captain.:: CO: Lr. Thran reporting for duty Captain.  I apologize for my tardiness, the pilot was incompetent.  I have your orders per communications, do you have any addendums before I assume my post?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::sighs softly and rubs her eyes, speaking softly:: CO: You said to take the lead in the investigation.

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::nods to Animim:: CSEC: It's...mostly there. Mostly. L'Tak is a Cardassian, his exostructure kept...mostly intact...::her lip trembles slightly, although it seems like she's trying to hide it::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::straightens up and turns towards the CTO, but waits for Thalev to speak::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Navigates into space, super excited about his first time piloting a real shuttle::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::turns to face the CTO with a frown:: CTO: I assure you all my pilots are well qualified. ::pauses:: Welcome aboard nonetheless. Assume your station, I have no additional orders at this time. ::turns back to the viewscreen with a sip of his coffee::


ACTION: The shuttle slips gracefully out of the shuttlebay and out into open space, speeding the 400,000km to the debris field


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::tries to look reassuring:: Nurse: I'm sorry that I need to ask these questions, Nurse, but they are important. Is there anything unusual on his body that cannot be explained by the explosion? What about the hypospray bruise on Crewman Lloyd?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CTO: Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. ::smiles briefly::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> XO: Do we have any news on the well being of Captain Walters yet, Commander?

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::clears her throat and looks up at him:: CSEC: We truly can't tell with L'Tak...As for Crewman Lloyd, well, a hypo bruise is caused when you press down too hard with a hypospray. It almost never happens, Starfleet Medical staff are trained to use a hypospray properly.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @Copilot:  Sorry crewman, I didn't catch your name, too big of a hurry.  Start scanning for nearest debris.

<SCI_Crewman> Aye, sir. ::The crewman shuffles off::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Nurse: Do you know what was injected into Crewman Lloyd? Any trace elements left?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CO: She's still in surgery. They said they'd let me know the moment they're done.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> :Nods, his antenna twitching slightly.:: XO: Lt. Commander.  Please contact myself or Cadet Calverian should you need our assistance or manpower in your investigation.  CO: By your command Captain.  :: Returns to the TL.::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::quietly:: XO: I'm glad to have his permission to give him orders. ::raises an eyebrow with a grin::

@<Pilot_Jansen> ::feels a little sad, but starts initiating the scans:: ENG: Scanning the debris now, sir. The results should be on your console.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Taps at his console, waiting for data transmission from the shuttle. His station beeps as he monitors the shuttle's voice transmissions.::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::just shakes her head lightly:: CO: We're going to have to have a talk after shift. About a lot of things.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Steps off the TL and walks quickly to his quarters, dropping his luggage, straightens his uniform and leaves the room.:: *TAC*: Cadet Calverian, I'm on my way to you now.  Have there been any disturbances or issues with the maintaining control of the Minotaur crew?

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Checks console:: *CSO*  Getting results now, looks like we have trace quantum signatures further in, taking a closer look.  It's a mess out here. ::Starts to navigate within the debri field.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> XO: Things are quiet for now while the investigation proceeds. ::gestures to his office::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Forwards results to Mr. Sutak's console::

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::takes up her Tricorder again and checks through the records:: CSEC: It looks like it was an anaesthetic, the base compounds show....anaesthazine.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::hesitates, then nods and heads for the Captain's office::


ACTION: The shuttle manoeuvres carefully through the debris field, smaller objects bouncing off the deflector shields to whisk further away into space


<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Begins dissecting the data of the scans, his deft hands whipping across the console with beeps and blips!::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Nurse: Is that commonly available? Or would you need to be part of MED to access it?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO: You have operations... ::pauses:: simply carry on with your assigned task. ::enters his office behind Sumner::

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> *CTO*: No issues so far Lieutenant, we're fully in control

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> CO: Aye, Captain. ::He doesn't look up from his console::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @*CSO* Looks like I'm picking up something from the torpedo magazines.  Stand by.  Self: Nothing like looking for a needle in a needle stack.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *ENG*: This data is very good, Mr. Jensen. Please, keep at it. ::His voice is very sure.::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::puts his empty cup into the replicator as he waits for the XO to speak::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::tightens her folded arms a bit and sighs as the doors close, thinking for a bit:: CO: This is different. The Scimitar crew trusted us, and we trusted them. I can't... I don't know what to do to build that trust here.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @*CSO*  I'm gonna boost the sensors, here.  There's not much to work with here.  Let me try adjust the quantum wavelength generators and see what I pick up.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::nods:: XO: And most of them are... ::searches for the right word:: headstrong.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *ENG*: Very good. ::He taps away at the new data, trying to pick out any debris that might be from the initial area of the explosion.::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @:: Punches the shuttle console, typing in the code, trying to bypass the regular modes to get a more detailed picture of the torpedo debris::


ACTION: Some of the released Minotaur crew start to wander the Promenade, usually in small groups of 2-5. They seem unsure, a little confused, but thankful to be alive and well. The rest appear to have chosen to stay in their quarters and recover.


<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::smirks lightly:: CO: So are we. It's a troubling recipe. ::slowly moves around the office, letting her arms fall to her sides:: This was too soon for a crisis. We're not ready, as a crew.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Steps off the TL and moves down the hallway to the Promenade, taking in the positioning of the security teams and constables. :: *TAC*: What is your current position Cadet?

<~Nurse_Wuchu> CSEC: It's only accessible by medical staff, yes. Although it could be prescribed by a doctor as a sleeping aid in small doses.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> XO: Yes, but we're allowed to be headstrong, we're in command. ::pauses:: Yes, this isn't ideal timing, but maybe it's just the right thing to connect the crew. Working through this.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @*CSO*  Did you catch that Mr. Sutak?  There are minuscule traces of Ultritium in the torpedo debris.  Barely registers.

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> *CTO*:  I'm currently in Ops Lieutenant. Do you require my assistance?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::ponders for a bit:: Nurse: But not in the doses injected to Crewman Lloyd... ::taps combadge:: *CTO*: CSEC to CTO, I might have a lead.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *ENG*: Try and tag a piece of debris registering that data, and transport it directly to my lab. Crewman Janx is in the laboratory and should be monitoring. ::Sutak examines the Ultritium readings with a curious look::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *TAC*: Negative, I just wanted to know your position.  Maintain your vigilance...and well done.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods:: CO: It'll have to be. Once things are settled, I'll have a talk with Lieutenant Sutak. We'll get our issue settled. ::sighs and settles near Thalev:: Then I'll just have to settle my own issues.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *CSEC*: I'm here Lieutenant, what can i do for you?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::smiles helplessly:: XO: I wish I could say something perfect.

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::shakes her head:: CSEC: It depends on the dosage. ::she shrugs lightly:: I don't know what that would have been though.

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> *CTO*: Thank you Lieutenant. ::A smile creeps onto her face, happy she's doing well in her superiors eyes::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @Jansen: Rig a containment canister on the transporter pad, we need to collect some of this junk.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::grins some and leans up to kiss him on the cheek:: CO: You don't have to say anything. You're just that good.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *CTO*: Lieutenant, see if you can round up some MED officers from the Minotaur. Anaesthazine, a restricted substance, was injected forcefully in one of the Crewman on duty near the magazine at the time of the explosion. It's a small shot but one worth taking.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Begins scanning for a likely target mass, hoping not to make a mess out of his transporter deck::

<Pilot_Jansen> @::nods, moving to the back of the shuttle and pulling a specimen container from storage, setting it up in the small transporter pad:: ENG: Done, sir.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @*CSO*  Pieces are pretty tiny Mr. Sutak, doing what I can.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Nurse: It's something worth following up. The broken arm, the forceful injection, the anaesthazine, it all seems rather curious, don't you agree?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::nods:: XO: I'll take your word for it. ::gestures to his desk and mounting paperwork:: You have operations., I want to go through this.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> CSEC: Understood, I'll have any medical officers not on currently in triage.  where would you like us to assemble?

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::looks a little embarrassed and nods:: CSEC: I guess so, sir! I'm...i'm just the medical technician, I take scans and write things down...:;blushes::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods, and makes her way for OPS:: CO: I'll let you know if we find anything, or if Mr. Sutak has redecorated in our absence.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Taps console, targeting a likely section, and beams it to the specimen container::  *CSO*  Do you want this thing sent directly to your lab?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::smirks at her as she leaves then looks at his desk, picking up the first padd, something from Lieutenant Sutak::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *CTO*: Keep it on the down low, just interview them one by one, we don't want to cause our would-be suspect to panic. ::turns back to the nurse:: Nurse: You have been great help, Nurse. And maybe, we can see meet again later. ::winks as he turns away::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> *ENG*: Yes, Mr. Jensen, there are force fields in place. ::taps his badge again:: Janx: Prepare to receive debris.


ACTION: A human minotaur crewman walks into the Praetor's Palace, looking to drown his sorrows. A pair of Bajorans, male and female, stand idly chatting near the Promenade map, a Cardassian and another human, both male glance up at the sign for Qaplah's before moving off to find somewhere better to eat, these Minotaur crew people trying to find some normalcy after the incident.


<Crewman_Janx>*CSO*: Aye, Sir.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::after downloading onto his PADD any relevant data about the two crewman, leaves the morgue and heads to the turbolift::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Puts shuttle on autopilot and walks back to transporter pad.  Scans canister with tricorder.  Looking for anomalous readings::

<~Nurse_Wuchu> ::blushes even more furiously, eyes Animim's strong shoulders and confident walk as he leaves, suddenly coming over all aflutter::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::steps down into OPS:: CSO: Any updates, Mr. Sutak?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::reads over a complaint from the CSO about the XO::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Taps his combadge.:: *TAC*: Cadet, please relay the location of any medical personnel from the Minotaur to my PADD.  In addition, please have a security team meet me in front of the turbolift on the starboard side of the promenade.  Oh, and Mr. Calverian...be discreet.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Prepares to beam canister to science lab::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> CSEC: understood, I'll keep you appraised of anything I find.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> XO: We are currently transporting debris with scant amounts of Ultritium to my lab. If you don't mind, I will head there, now. ::He stands at full attention, glaring at her.::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> TL: Level 4, Promenade. ::awaits until the turbolift arrives at the location::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> *CSO/XO*: Lieutenant Sutak, Commander Sumner, to my office.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @*CSO* Yeah, not getting much here, here comes the goods.  ::Transports canister to science lab::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::looks to the Captain's office door, and strolls that direction::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::opens her mouth to reply, then stops as the comm goes:: CSO: I guess it'll have to wait. ::follows the CSO::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::arrives at his office, sees Chief Petty Officer Roston there:: Roston: I need you to start interview any MED from the Minotaur you can find: standard questions, whereabouts and alibi and such. Keep it discreet, mind you.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Slows, to allow the XO to enter the Captain's office first.::

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> *CTO*: Sending you the information now Lieutenant. I'll contact security now for you.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::glances to Sutak before entering::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::after Roston leaves, goes to his computer terminal and starts searching for the chief MED officer of the Minotaur::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::stays seated and waits for them to enter:: CSO/XO: I understand from this formal complaint ::raises the padd:: that you two have some issues with each other?

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Walks to the TL and waits for the Security team to assemble.:: *TAC*: Understood, Thran out.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Navigates the shuttle out and away from the debris field.  Scans the field in general, seeing if he can pick up any kind of pattern::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::looks to Sutak again, thinking he works awfully fast:: CO: I believe it stems from our disagreement over my ordering the Saturn to tractor the Minotaur away from the station.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::raises a brow, in Vulcan fashion, he says nothing, as the XO has summed it up.::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Looks at the massive debris field and shakes his head sadly.  Self: What a waste of a good ship...

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *CTO*: Animim to Thran, the CMO of the Minotaur appears to be dead. Currently of the 6 officers that had clearance, two are in the wards, one is dead and three have been released from triage.

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> ::Taps a few buttons and sends the requested files to CTO:: *SEC*: Security this is Cadet Calverian, Lieutenant Thran has requested you meet him in front of the turbolift on the starboard side of the promenade.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO/XO: Hmm. Yes. I am always open to hear what my crew have to say. And this... situation seems to have stemmed from poor communication more than anything.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::looks down and resists the urge to argue more:: CO: I take responsibility, Captain. Had I executed your order when you first gave it, it wouldn't have been an issue. I hesitated.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO: I've worked with the XO for many years, and I assure you she is a fine officer, or I'd not have brought her with me as my number one. I think under the exceptional circumstances, as time was of the essence, your belaying the order was correct.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::taps his com badge to put himself on the frequency to all security officers aboard the ship:: *SEC*: Animim to Security, be on the lookout for three Minotaur MEDs that are currently on the station. If found, approach and hold until either myself, the CTO or another TAC officer has arrived.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Downloads images of debris into his PADD, before turning the shuttle back towards the station::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods some in agreement, still looking down::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO: All I would ask is remember this crew has yet to gel, and to make allowances for that. ::waits for any reply::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::waits for the Security Team, waving them over as they near, then heads for the first name on the list.::  SEC_Team: Alright, this is to be kept as low key as possible, so when I'm questioning the medical personnel, keep some distance.  ::heads into the TL and orders it to the cargo bay acting as triage for the Minotaur crews wounded.::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::accesses the ship security scanners and starts to search for starfleet ID transponders that match the profile of the three MEDs that security is searching for::

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> ::looks towards console screen, a message has come from another ship requesting clearance:: *CTO*: Lieutenant, I've received a message from another ship, they're requesting clearance to dock.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::Stops and rechecks the list. :: Self: Damn...

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::looks to Sutak::

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Sutak looks at the XO through the corner of his eyes, he finally speaks.:: CO: Captain, I acted as any Starfleet Officer would have in that situation. My concern is that the First Officer put thousands of lives at risk by issuing an order, while not having a complete set of data with which to determine the consequences that order would have. It is my duty to report that much to you.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> I respect the rank, I respect the Officer. ::He closes his mouth and looks beyond the Captain, standing at attention.::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::nods:: CSO: Go on, you have my permission to speak freely.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *TAC*: The Captains orders are clear, no traffic in or out of the Station until the investigation is completed.  Inform the vessel that they must hold at the stations perimeter and await permission to dock.  if they have medical needs, we can come to them, but no one gets on or off this station.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> @::Taps Com badge:: *CSO*  Mr.  Sutak, I'm coming back in.  I'd like to join you in your lab to have a look at that debris.


ACTION: Jensen's shuttle touches down in the perfect example of a textbook landing

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> *CTO*: Yes Lieutenant, I'll inform them now. ::taps out a message to the other ship and waits patiently::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Leans back in the pilots chair, grinning from ear to ear::  Self:  That's right, who's the man.

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> CSEC: Lieutenant, have you located any of the Minotaur medical staffs transponders?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *CTO*: Currently working on it, Lieutenant. Any luck with the ones in the wards?

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> CSEC: We're approaching the ward now, I'll keep you informed, assuming they are conscious.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::turns his head and looks at the XO, ignoring the comm message from Jensen:: CO: It is my assessment that Lieutenant Commander Sumner did not blatantly ignore your order, but rather incompetently mistook the entire crisis as it was occurring. It is this belief that has made me question her ability to perform her duties as First Officer on this station. I do not hesitate to follow her

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> orders, however, I... ::he searches for the human word:: CO: ...worry, for all of us. ::He returns his eyes forward, pulling his gaze from the XO.::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *CTO*: Alright, one is in guest quarters, two are on the Promenade, I'll approach the ones in level 4 myself.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::tightens her jaw, looking to Thalev, but gives no response::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::calls over a security team to follow him and heads out into the promenade::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::transmits the location of the other MED in the guest quarters to another security team::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Leaves the shuttle, and follows the science team to their lab::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::leads the team into the medical ward, motioning for them to hold back.::  *CTO*: understood, heading to the quest quarters now.  ::Motions for two of the security personnel to stay behind, then takes the remaining two with him and heads for the guest quarters.::

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> ::checks the console screen as another message comes through and skim reads it quickly:: *CTO*: As requested the ship is holding position 100,000km away Lieutenant.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::heads out to the promenade, keeping a lookout for blue-uniformed MED officers::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::raises his eyebrows at the very vulcan Vulcan:: CSO: Accusing senior staff of incompetency seems rather overboard, Lieutenant, however you are permitted to raise such concerns. ::pauses:: I will deliberate your opinion, I assure you, but as far as you're concerned this matter is now closed and I will deal with it directly with Commander Sumner. I expect you to continue following Commander Sumner's as you would my own. Is

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Enters science lab behind the team.  Looks around.  Wonders where the hell Sutak is...::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> *TAC*: Understood.  ::thinks for a moment.:: *TAC*: Keep an eye on them, we're quite a ways out, and considering the situation, their arrival could be more than a coincidence.

<+TAC_Cdt_Calverian> *CTO*: Understood Lieutenant.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> :CO: You did say to speak "freely." ::Sutak raises his eyebrow.::

<+CTO_Lt_Thran> ::holds up his hand and halts the team outside the guest quarters of the Minotaur medical officer.::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO: Indeed, and that is always to be the case. ::nods:: I think thats it then. Dismissed. XO: Please stay.

<+CSO_LtJG_Sutak> ::Sutak exits the Office and begins his way to the Turbolift.:: TL: Deck 7 ::He looks forward to the science to be done::


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pause Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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