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Station Sigma Rho Mission Transcript

Directed by: James Greenman




Andrew James as…...Captain Thalev Idrani

C.J. Short as………... Lieutenant Commander Sara Sumner

Riccardo Fabris as…. Lieutenant JG Kalem Animim

Jack Lucas as…........ Lieutenant JG Sutak

Heather Salver as…... Cadet Heather Calverian

Scott Walker as…..... Ensign Morgan Jensen


John Chisholm as...... Cadet Simon Fraser

Robert Wright as........ Lieutenant Cereb Thran


Guest Starring









Station Sigma Rho, Mission #1

Mission Summary

The USS Minotaur is en route, heavily damaged and with massive casualties. How they even went to warp after a torpedo magazine detonated and took out a few decks with it is anyone's guess, but they're currently 5 minutes away at Warp 5.


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Begin Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::walks into Ops:: XO: Report!

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Steps off the turbolift into OPS with a wide stride, his hands locked behind his back, he turns his attention to the Captain, who appears to be standing as still as possible, he appears to have lagged out::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> TAC: Cadet, hail all ships in the vicinity; have them report their readiness.

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> XO: Yes Lieutenant

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> XO: Status? ::steps towards the Science Console and begins basic scans::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::follows the CO out of the turbolift, while tapping his combadge:: *Security*: Animim to Roston, initiate security plan B as discussed: we want to keep Minotaur people in check, but don't make it obvious.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Heading to the nearest transporter bay with the idea of transporting to the Minotaur as soon as it's in range::  *CO*: If I'm gonna help, I have to get over to that ship.  I'm no use to you here.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> CO: Sir, the Minotaur is closing, heavily damaged.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::keeps an eye on the chronometer:: CO/CSO: Awaiting confirmation of readiness from all vessels. The station is ready to start beaming the moment they're in range, but it will take several minutes to completely empty the ship.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::takes his seat:: XO: ETA?

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> ::Looks up from screen:: XO: Lieutenant, we have received confirmation.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Transfers all auxiliary power to the Transporter Buffers. The lights have probably dimmed or blinked out on most of the station:: XO: Understood. The Minotaur is 2 minutes from transporter range. She's losing antimatter containment, and I'm detecting a curious subspace field fluctuation ::taps at his console::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CO/XO: Sir, if we are sending Engineers over, I would suggest we send a Security team as well.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::furrows her brow:: CSEC: We generally want to avoid sending people *to* the ship, if we can help it.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Sutak turns to the Captain, concerned:: CO: Captain, I would advise we not send over any extraneous crew to the Minotaur until we have a better light on the situation, we should evacuate her.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> XO: Hence the conditional in my statement, sir.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::Animim smiles at the XO::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CO*:  With all due respect, sir, if the ship blows up before it's evacuated, we're all screwed.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CSEC: The engineers are necessary. The security is not. ::turns to Jensen briefly before looking to Calverian:: TAC: Cadet?

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> CO: 60 seconds until transporter range.


ACTION: The USS Minotaur drops out of warp, pushing a subspace wave before her that rocks the station. She hangs in space, decks open and venting air, fire and sparking dissipating as the oxygen dissapears in the vacuum.


<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSEC: Thank you for your suggestion. *ENG*: I'm aware of that, Ensign, I am awake. All: Everyone ready?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> All: She's here. TAC: Cadet, order all ships to begin transport.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Taps quickly at the console, attempting to acquire as many transporter locks as he can:: CO: Antimatter Containment is going critical, we will have a matter of seconds, not minutes.

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> XO: Yes Lieutenant


ACTION: Transporters start activating, plucking crew from the stricken ship and beaming them safely onboard the Rho, into triage centres, sickbays, nurses stations, anywhere there's room.


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CO: Sir, if you'll excuse me, I need to check the situation at the cargo hold we cleared. ::stands to attention and then goes to the turbolift::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Entering transporter bay::  Anyone:  Get me over to that ship  ::Steps on transporter pad::


ACTION: While transports happen, Antimatter containment fails and a second explosion sends the Minotaur spinning on it's axis, one of her nacelles cracking in explosive fire and hurtling off in the other direction


<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Scans the ship- attempting to determine how long the ship has::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::arrives to check the situation in the cargo holds/triage centers::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> CO: Captain, parts of the ship are adrift and on a collision course. A Nacelle is heading directly for us.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nervously clenches her hands as a bright flash lights up the viewscreeen, followed by fire:: CO: We can't afford to raise shields; one of the runabouts can intercept.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO: See if you can use the Rho's tractor beams to stabilise or divert it. TAC: Lock weapons as a precaution.

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> CO: Yes Captain. ::Locks weapons::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::notices Chief Roston:: Roston: Chief, I want you to interview all possible crewmembers that aren't in critical condition, we need to get to the bottom of what happened. Talk with TAC officers first...

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Aligns a target lock on the wayward nacelle and initiates a tractor beam to it:: *ENG*: I need more power to the tractor beam.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> *ENG*: Captain to Jensen, there's just been another explosion. Looks like you're not going anywhere.

<TR_Chief> ENG: Uhh...Sir, there's a slight problem. We'll have to wait a moment. ::panics a little and filters out more subspace interference::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> XO: At this pace, how long until the entire crew are on board?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::tries to see if he can find one of the Minotaur TAC officers himself::


ACTION: The tractor beam fire out from one of the docking rings, catching the nacelle before it can hit anything expensive.


<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::makes some quick calculations:: CO: Two minutes.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Shoves the transporter tech away from the console, accesses engineering, and redirects more power to the tractor beam::  *CSO* Done, and done.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Recursively scans the Minotaur's wreckage for more survivors and lesser lifesigns.::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CO*:  Your orders, sir?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::while searching, taps his com badge briefly to contact Main Security:: *Main Sec*: Animim to Main Security, is it possible to tag all the Minotaur crew using the internal sensors so that we can track where they go?


ACTION: With more power, the tractor beam begins to push the nacelle back away from the ship.


<@CO_Capt_Idrani> *ENG*: I want options for getting the Minotaur away from the station before it explodes.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> CO: Captain, the last explosion has destabalized the Warp Core, it is going to breach before we will have finished rescue operations. ::Thinks a moment:: CO: I retract my previous judgement, I believe we should send over an Engineering Crew, though their chances are incredibly slim. A warp core explosion at this range could be dangerous to the station.

<Nurse_Anders> ::hurriedly runs back and forth between the dead and wounded, tagging them with isolinear chips for easier identification:: *CO*: Captain! We have a lot of wounded down here, requesting more medical personnel, anyone with field medic training.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::shakes his head:: CSO: I'm not willing to risk more lives. We need another option.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CO*  Unless you got a handy worm hole to drop it in, I don't know what I can do from here...  ::Heads to turbolift to go to OPS::  *CO*:  Uh, sir, I mean.

<SEC_Wallis> *CSEC*: Sir, I found one of the Minotaur tactical officers for you. Main sickbay, he's being treated by the doctor.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> All: Any one here with any medical experience?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::shakes her head:: CO: We're low on medical personnel as it is... I can go. ::heads for the turbolift::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Thinks, and turns to the XO:: XO: Lieutenant Commander, can we remotely turn off all of the emergency force fields nearest to the station? The atmospheric blowback may be enough to nudge the Minotaur away?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *SEC_Wallis*: Thanks, Wallis, will make my way there immediately. ::immediately heads for sickbay::

<SEC_Wallis> ::nods to himself and stands guard:: Self: Guard duty....::sighs::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> XO: Contact the Saturn, let's see if they can tractor the Minotaur away from the station, or at least their warp core. Then head down to medical.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::recursively scans the warp core onboard the Minotaur::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> *CO, CSO* :  Sir, just a thought, what if we re-route most of the power to the tractor beam, target the Minotaur, reverse the polarity and try to shove it away?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::enters sickbay, sees Nurse Anders with her hands full:: Nurse Anders: Nurse, do you require any hands? Security can do some of the grunt work if necessary?

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Exits turbo lift and enters OPS::


ACTION: The Minotaur continues to spin, fire and air escaping from breached bulkheads


<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ENG: That's a better suggestion than a magic wormhole, Ensign, thank you. *ENG*/CSO: Get it done.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Thinks, turns to the newly arrived Engineer:: CO: Aye. ENG: Once the transport is complete, transfer all power to the station's tractor beam.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::stands in the TL:: CO: Do we still need the Saturn?

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CO:  Sir, I'll get on it.  ::Heads over to eng console in OPS::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::continues tapping, shakes his head in what could be called Vulcan frustration:: CO: Captain, unfortunately by my calculations even with all the power onboard the station, the tractor beam will not be strong enough to push the Minotaur away.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Taps furiously at the consol::  CO:  He's right, won't work.  But if I can get over to the Minotaur, I may be able to eject the core.

<Nurse_Anders> ::nods hurriedly:: CSEC: We could use some help get people...uhhh...::frowns, a tear in her eye::...you know....to the morgue.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ENG: There's too much mass. ::Suddenly has a thought:: TAC: Once transports are complete, destroy the saucer, the remainders of the ship may be small enough for us to push away.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Turns to the Captain for approval::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::nods, then calls Security in order to get more people to help with the morgue, then turns to find SEC Wallis:: SEC_Wallis: So, where is this tactical officer you found?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> TAC: Lock weapons on the Minotaur. ::frowns:: CSO: Looks like we have little option:: ENG: I appreciate the commitment, but I'm not willing to send people over. It'd be a suicide mission.

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> ::locks weapons:: CO: Weapons are locked Captain

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Runs some calculations::  CO:  We may not have a choice, sir...

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Checks status of emergency transports, scans the warp core again::

<SEC_Wallis> ::gestures over to a young Ensign getting his burned arm seen to:: CSEC: There, sir.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::taps her combadge:: *Saturn*: USS Saturn, please move to tow the Minotaur away from the station.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::readies his hands on the tractor beam control, rotates his head very slowly to observe the Captain::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> TL: Sickbay.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> CO: It's going critical, Captain.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::taps his combadge:: *Saturn* Belay that order. ::looks at the XO::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::looks at the Ensign, then moves over to him:: Minotaur TAC: Hi, I'm Lieutenant Animim, CSEC. I heard you are a tactical officer from the Minotaur?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ENG: We're out of time. TAC: Fire weapons. CSO: That's your cue.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> TL: Halt. CSO: What are you doing?!

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> XO: Following Orders, Lieutenant Commander. ::Engages the tractor beam on the remains of the Minotaur::

<~Ens_Rtarn> ::grunts and nods, bobbing his Klingon head while the nurse applies dermaline gel:: CSEC: I am.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> XO: We no longer have the time for the Saturn to get it done, it's about to go. ::nods to her::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Rtarn: I'd like to ask you some questions about the accident. What exactly happened out there, Ensign?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::looks to Thalev and just shakes her head at the whole situation:: TL: Continue to Sickbay.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ENG: More power, if you would, Mr. Jensen. ::Continues tractoring the Minotaur, polarity reversed and all::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Re routing all available power to the tractor beams::  CSO: Not a lot to give you, doing what I can.

<~Ens_Rtarn> ::grimaces, trying to make it look tough:: CSEC: We were running a routine patrol, when all of a sudden we detected a buildup in one of the Quantum warheads. It exploded, detonating the entire magazine.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::redirects her thoughts towards the wounded, and steps off the turbolift in a run:: Anders: Where do you need me?


ACTION: The phaser arrays glow, firing carefully and precisely from the Saturn, carving the Minotaur into manageable chunks before the Tractor pushes them further away from the station, inertia guiding their pass as the Tractor loses range


<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Rtarn: Do you know how the buildup occurred? I assume that routine checks of the warheads hadn't reported any faults prior to that?

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Jumps back to the sensors after he loses tractor control:: CO: I think we've done it, Captain. ::Examines his sensor data::

<Nurse_Anders> XO: Anywhere please, Lieutenant! We're run off our feet. :;hurries over to the next bed::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO: Good job.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::notices the XO, briefly turns while annotating the answers from the Minotaur TAC into his PADD:: XO: Any news from up top, sir?

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> CO: Thank Jensen, Sir. He found the power for the tractor beam. ::taps at the console, ignoring the acclaim from his CO::


ACTION: With a colossal explosion, the Minotaur's warp core breaches, matter and antimatter colliding uncontrolled, ripping through the remains of the ship

ACTION: The Rho shakes slightly as the subspace shockwave of a detonating warpcore rolls over them.


<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> Self:  Cool

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO/ENG: Indeed. ::nods and turns back to the main viewer as the shockwave hits::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::steadies himself at the console as the shockwave shakes the station::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::holds on as the station is shaken:: Self: Well, that answers that.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> CO: Captain, may I request the Saturn retrieve the larger debris and contain it near the station for investigation?

<~Ens_Rtarn> ::shakes his head:: CSEC: Nothing at all. The Chief keeps...::swallow::...kept a tight ship, we checked them every 4 hours. He never trusted Quantum torpedoes, said you couldn't beat a classic...I guess he was right.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::grabs a tricorder, and starts triaging the wounded; she looks around as the station rocks:: CSEC: Looks like we managed to get the Minotaur to a safe distance. ::scans a patient, raising her arm gently:: Damn it... Here, I need you to apply pressure!

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO: Can not our workbees and runabouts see to it?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Rtarn: I'll be back in a moment, Ensign. ::goes to the wounded presided over by the XO, starts applying pressure as directed::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> CO: The Saturn has a larger tractor beam, and it's beyond my range with the station's tractor. I was hoping to restrict its drift. ::He turns confidently to the CO::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CO: Sir, I'd like to get my hands on any remains, especially the warheads, see what caused this fiasco...if there's anything left.

<Doctor_Bunnigus> ::opens the comm, quite exasperated:: *CO*: Doctor to the Captain. I have Captain Walters down here, she needs surgery but she's refusing to go under until she speaks to you. Can you come to the Surgical Ward, please?

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Scans the debris:: All: I'm not detecting much large debris - no weapon signatures. But what we can salvage will be valuable in our investigation.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::keeps applying pressure:: XO: I don't like this, sir, I don't like this at all.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> XO: I've had a brief chat with an Ensign from the Minotaur. The CTO on the ship kept a tight ship, sir. There's no way this could have been a malfunction.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::grabs a tool from a nearby medkit, positioning it over the wounded's chest:: CSEC: There's not much to like. Just a few more seconds.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSO: Very well, proceed. *Doctor*: I'm on my way. CSO: You have ops. ::stands::


ACTION: As triage runs smoothly, the unwounded or recently healed and sent out in little dribs and drabs, one or two there, a group of five here, to get assigned quarters while others are moved to the more comfortable wards...or the morgue.


<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Raises a curious eyebrow:: CO: Aye, sir.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::enters a turbolift::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Taps his combadge:: *XO*: Lieutenant Commander, can you arrange for a science and engineering team to take a runabout to the debris field the Saturn is collecting? I'd like to get some more data from the debris.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Smiles::  CSO:  That's what I'm talking about, hands on.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> CSEC: There. Thank you. ::ignores his concerns about sabotage for now::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> *CSO*: I'm busy. Is the Captain not there?

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> XO: No problem sir. Now if you'll excuse me, sir... ::returns to talks to Ens. Rtarn::

<~Ens_Rtarn> ::lies back down on the bed, muttering to make it seem like he's not moved by the loss of his ship::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::enters the surgical ward and looks for the Doctor::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Examines OPS. The Captain did, indeed, leave:: *CSO*: The Captain has gone below to aid with the survivors.

<~Captain_Walters> ::pushes herself up off the bed, a team of nurses hurriedly trying to keep her down:: CO: Captain! My ship, what happened to it?! Is she okay?

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> *CSO*: Who'd he leave in charge? ::moves on to the next patient::

<Doctor_Bunnigus> ::rolls her eyes away from Walters, and nods her head in that direction::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Rtarn: So, you said he ran a tight ship and the quantum torpedoes in question were checked 4 hours prior to the accident?

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CSO:  Mr. Sutak, can't you make that decision?  CO left you in charge...  ::Smile broadens::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::shakes his head at Walters in apologetic fashion:: Walters: But we managed to get everyone off in time.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Looks to Cadet Calverian at Tactical:: TAC: Cadet, please run an inventory on our last scans of the Minotaur and it's weapons complement. ::Looks at the command station in the center of OPS:: *XO*: He left me in charge, Lieutenant Commander.

<Ens_Rtarn> CSEC: The explosion happened about an hour before we were due to make another check, Lieutenant. So 3 hours prior.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> *CSO*: Alright... I give you permission to see to that yourself. Or something. ::heals a few minor wounds, and moves on::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ENG: Jensen, why don't you find Lieutenant Commander Sumner and see if you can get on that Away Team. ::Steps towards the Command Console and continues recursively scanning the growing debris field::

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> ::Starts running inventory::

<~Captain_Walters> ::squeezes her eyes closed, all the strength seeming to drain from her muscles as she collapses back down to the happiness of the nurses:: CO: No....

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> CSO: Aye, will do.  ::Heads toward medical::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Ens Rtarn: Right. And was anyone on duty near the launchers just before or during the accident?

<~Captain_Walters> ::pushes herself back up:: CO: Someone blew up my damn ship, Captain!

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> *XO*: Aye, Lieutenant Commander. ::Looks at Jensen:: ENG: Arrange for my science team to join you in a runabout, examine the debris field yourself.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> Walters: If so, we'll find out who.

<Ens_Rtarn> CSEC: Yeah, two security crewman as is standard procedure. I'm not sure who was on the roster though, Sir, The Chief handled that.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Ponders the meaning of "Or something" in regards to a command situation, his instructions from the XO::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Redirects to the science lab, to gather up Sutak's team, then heads for a launch bay::

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::feels a sense of relief as sickbay empties a little, the nurses catching up to the demand; she hands off her tools and moves to Thalev:: CO: Do you need me here, or OPS?

<~Captain_Walters> ::coughs a little, a spattering of blood coating her lips:: CO: Find them, Captain. Find...out...who did this....

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::frowns with worry at Walters::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> XO: I recommend you get up to Ops, Sara. Lieutenant Sutak might redecorate the place if we're away too long.

<Doctor_Bunnigus> ::steps in with a hypospray and a look at the CO:: CO: She needs surgery, Captain. I'll let you know as soon as she's awake.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods, sparing a brief touch on his shoulder before making her way back towards the turbolift::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Rtarn: And did you, personally, notice anything unusual, Ensign?

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::leans in to Walters, puts a hand on her shoulder:: Walters: We will, Captain. ::nods affirmatively:: We will, and you'll be here to help us. Let the doctor's help, we can talk later.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> TAC: Anything, Cadet?

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> CSO: Nothing out of the usual; 40 Quantum torpedos, 80 photo torpedos, and the manufacturing capability for a further 40 photons. Everything appears to be normal.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Arrives in launch bay, heads toward nearest runabout::  Pilot:  I need you to take my team and I out to the debris field.  Action commander's orders...

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> Doctor: Keep me updated. ::nods and heads out just a few steps behind the XO::

<Ens_Rtarn> ::shakes his head, his eyebrows coming down in thought:: CSEC: Nothing, but I was on bridge duty today. Running a diagnostic of the phaser arrays, they hadn't been used in a while.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> ::notices the CO:: CO: Captain, wait, a word!

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::examines the data the new Tactical Officer has compiled:: TAC: Keep looking, if it was a malfunction, we should have found something in those scans before the explosion.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> Rtarn: Thank you Ensign, I'll be in touch if I have any more questions.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::enters the turbolift:: TL: OPS.

<NAV_Cumberbund> ::shakes his head:: ENG: Sorry, sir. This runabout is still undergoing maintenance. We'll have it finished soon, but there are a few shuttles that are free.

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> ::Looks back over the scans for any anomales::

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::turns on the spot to face the CSEC:: CSEC: Yes, Chief.

<Ens_Rtarn> ::nods, and lays back down::

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> NAV_Cumberbund:  Show me.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CO: Sir, I talked to an Ensign aboard the Minotaur. The CTO on the Minotaur kept a tight ship: the warheads were checked 3 hours before the explosion. This isn't looking good, Captain.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::steps into OPS, and glances around:: CSO: Status? ::moves to the command area::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Steps back towards the Science station:: XO: I've directed a small engineering and science team to take a runabout to the debris field currently being collected by the USS Saturn.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSEC: So that makes it even more unlikely this was an accident.

<NAV_Cumberbund> ::glances between the Ensign and his diagnostics:: ENG: I...::frowns::....Okay. ::clambers out over his diagnostic equipment::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> XO: Cadet Calverian is currently examining our sensor data from before the explosion for any anomolies based on the weapons malfunction.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CO: Exactly, sir. There were a couple of crewmen on duty at the time, we'll need to see if they are still alive...

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::nods:: CSO: Good. ::glances around, and speaks quietly to Sutak:: I apologize for my outburst, Lieutenant, but generally, you do not have the authority to countermand a superior officer's orders. Understood?

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Follows NAV Cumberbund to the nearest available shuttle::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CO: ...but I recommend we keep an eye on any Minotaur crew member, sir. Discretely, that is.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> CSEC: Yes. ::goes to move away but turns back a moment:: And post extra security around critical areas, including around the Minotaur crew. This is now a fully fledged investigation.

<+TAC_Cadet_Calverian> CSO: Still no anomalous readings on the sensors Lieutenant...

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Turns to his XO with a raised Vulcan brow:: XO: Pardon me, Lieutenant Commander, but your orders were in direct conflict with the Captain's orders. I belaid your order to maintain a proper flow of directives to the crew. ::Swivels back to his sensor readings::

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> TAC: Thank you, Cadet. ::Turns halfway back to the XO, then returns his attention to the sensors::

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> CO: Aye sir. ::watches the CO move away, before tapping his com badge:: *Main Security*: Animim to Main Sec, I need additional guards at all station-critical systems.

<+XO_LtCmdr_Sumner> ::sighs softly:: CSO: We had conflicting orders. I understand why you did what you did, but that was the Captain's call to make, not yours.

<SEC_Hut> *CSEC*: Aye, sir. I'll bring in Gamma shift to help.

<+ENG_Ens_Jensen> ::Boards shuttle with science team::  NAV_Cumberbund:  I'll take it from here, thanks.

<+CSEC_LtJG_Animim> *Main Sec*: Include all Minotaur crew areas to that list as well.

<+CSO_LTJG_Sutak> ::Without turning back to Sumner:: XO: The Captain was otherwise engaged. I did my duty, Lieutenant Commander.

<@CO_Capt_Idrani> ::starts making his way back to Ops, looking left then right before deciding he has remembered the layout correctly::

<NAV_Cumberbund> ::nods his handsome head, hair swaying, and makes his way back to the runabout::


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pause Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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