Galactic Events Timeline

The year is 2393. Five years ago, the Hobus star went supernova and despite Starfleet’s best efforts to prevent its destruction, Romulus and Remus were caught in the shockwave and destroyed. The Romulan Star Empire was plunged into turmoil. In the ensuing chaos, the Tal Shiar took control of the Senate and their inner borders were closed - While they had always been a xenophobic and untrusting race, the central worlds now became nigh-unreachable. Any Romulan colonies outside of this zone were left to fend for themselves.

In the wake of this, new pacts and treaties were formed with these Romulan communities, each one operating as its own separate political entity or banding together with other neighbouring Romulan colonies. They have come to rely upon trade with previously shunned races, and are finding their place in this new society.

The Galaxy itself is enjoying a period of relative stability. The power vacuum created by the inward focus of the Romulan Star Empire remains unfilled. The Breen Confederacy continues to ignore all attempts at a Non-Aggression Pact, their ships often being sighted in Mercenary convoys and Raider or Pirate fleets. Some speculate that this is just the prelude to a bigger fleet action from the Breen.

Meanwhile, the Cardassian Union and the Klingon Empire have only recently finished rebuilding the infrastructure destroyed during the Dominion war, and tensions all across the Quadrant that had relaxed somewhat are starting once again to tighten up. The Klingon Houses that had once poured all of their efforts and resources into rebuilding the Empire under Chancellor Martok are now clamouring to expand and fight once more. Old grudges being revived and inter-house battles are no longer such a rare occurrence as one Klingon faction pushes to fight against the weakened Romulan empire or push into Breen territory to punish them for their part in the Empire’s losses, while the other half seeks out new battles and new honours defending their allies.

The Ferengi have enjoyed a period of restful profit, with the war over and everyone needing something, they have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in providing rebuilding empires with materials, labour and capital. With a hefty margin on top, of course. Their Non-Aggression pacts with various races are becoming strained as surrounding empires grow angry over the Ferengi pushing their advantageous position, viewing their usual profit mongering - which was once so welcome when the Trade Association’s wealth was sorely needed - as an insult to a Galaxy in need. The Klingons have already started to push their boundaries and several others may begin to do the same now that what were once seen as benevolent, if expensive, saviours are once again viewed as corrupt and mercenary.

Two years ago, Bajor applied for and received Federation membership to the chagrin of many. While the Government of Bajor felt that the time was right and that benefits outweighed any perceived cons, and though Kai Riani Lem backs the first minister fully, some Religious sects were opposed and protests occur almost daily. Rumours of an underground Militia are rife, and whispers of “The New Kai” sweep the streets.

The Federation have come through remarkably unscathed. With no wars looming on the horizon, Starfleet has reinitiated its Science and Exploration doctrine for new vessels, and a resurgence of scientific exploration into uncharted sectors of space has brought a measure of balance. Warships like the Defiant, Akira and Sovereign classes are being relegated to border patrols and the more advanced Intrepid, Nova and Nebula classes are being pushed out further and further in the search for knowledge.

With this shifting of initiative has come a renewed effort to map the Pleiades Cluster and Taurus Dark Cloud in the Alpha Quadrant, and the Zeta Gelis Cluster in the Beta Quadrant now that the Romulan presence in that area of the galaxy has lessened. The Subspace Relay network is expanding outwards almost daily; starbases and outposts are being built in newly explored sectors and the list of new worlds and new civilisations eager to join the Federation has grown every week. In a universe where most of the major players have drawn inwards, the Federation and Starfleet have expanded and pushed the boundaries of exploration farther than ever. Perhaps, some might say, too far. With each new Subspace Relay Station that comes online, reports of lost ships, dangerous stellar phenomena or unexplained disappearances find their way onto the Federation News Network.

On top of this, the Tzenkethi Coalition has been stirring once again, minor infractions into Federation space which have been passed over time and again have culminated in an outright attack on a Federation delegation which had been sent to smooth out any turbulence. Since then there has been a communications blackout from the Tzenkethi homeworlds and Starfleet has stepped up its border patrols. Sigma Rho station has been delegated as fleet command outpost for that region as the Federation and Starfleet prepare for another war that they hope never materialises.