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Holidays in Star Trek: Engage

Holidays in ST:E

With so many cultures and so many species on the average Starfleet vessel, it seems fitting that a selection of Federation holidays should make it into our gameplay.


Maybe a character might make a passing comment in mission, and wish a Klingon crewmember a happy “Day of Honour”, or a Bajoran “Peldor Joi”, or maybe your GD will decide in advance to make a bigger deal of it and write a mission about Kal Rekk or First Contact Day. Who knows?

One way or the other, we have decided to make sure you’re aware when the next holiday is on the horizon. In some cases, this is easily done; some holidays have fixed dates, referred to repeatedly on screen. Others… well, let’s just say it seems someone didn’t check the Star Trek series bible before the props got printed or the script got finalised… and we’re left with several different possible dates for important holidays, like Federation Day.

In cases where we have no fixed date, or have a few possible dates, we have decided to go with the very first air date of the first episode the holiday was mentioned in.




So! That means March is Federation Day month!
The 16th of March is going to be ST: E’s accepted date for this holiday, but as each ship’s timeline is likely to be a little different feel free to remark upon it, or celebrate it, (or ignore it…) at any time during the month.


What does that mean to your characters? Well, several things, actually.

It means your fellow crew members and you would be aware of a build-up to the day itself, like Thanksgiving in the US. Maybe you might like to invite someone your character has had their eye on over for a few drinks to celebrate quietly in your quarters. Perhaps you caught the tail end of a party in the Lounge after you shift. Maybe your bunkmate is crazy about Federation Day and has decorated their half of your shared quarters in the blue and white of the Federation flag.


Whatever you decide to do, the point is to have fun with it.

So, on behalf of Game Management, I wish you all.. a Happy Federation Day!



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