AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

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AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

Postby Swiss Knight » Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:50 am

TOC to be posted here.

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Re: AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

Postby Swiss Knight » Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:51 am

Joint Log with CSO LTJG Sutak

Praetor's Palace Casino and Lounge.

Stardate 11402.27

24 hours before the USS Minotaur Incident

Sutak had walked the promenade three times already, trying to determine if he should enter the establishment with the bright green sign, it read "Praetor's Palace." He knew it would be a Romulan bar, probably of ill repute. However, Sutak had settled on becoming familiar with as much of the station as possible.

It was decided. He stepped towards the entryway and was greeted by a tall and imposing Cardassian. Sutak folded his hands behind his back and stepped through the portal quietly, ticking his head each direction to examine his surroundings.

It was mostly dark, with blinking lights and rattling tables. Dabo, some sort of chance machine... These didn't intrigue Sutak, so much as whether or not they had been tampered with. He made a note to use the internal sensors on Praetor's Palace later in his lab.

He approached the bar to find a Romulan, who looked more sickly than he would likely admit, by the way he leaned on the bar and straightened his back.

"Greetings. What is this establishment?" Sutak said plainly, knowing full well the Romulan he spoke to would likely never be a friend.

Hadrian eyed the stranger carefully, unlike many of his former compatriots he never had an inherent distrust of Vulcans. He understood it yes, studied it, yet never became personally invested in the Vulcan-Romulan state of affairs. Until he had reason to otherwise, Hadrian decided to be welcoming to his new associate.

"Well hello there my friend! As you may have guessed from the signs, gambling machines and dabo tables, this is a pet store! Can I interest you in a Klingon Octopus? Could be just what you need to cheer up those drab Starfleet quarters of yours."

Humor. It was not Sutak's strong suit.

"You are a Romulan." the Vulcan states, matter of factly.

"How very observant of you. I don't know exactly what the obvious is worth these days, but I suppose it deserves a free spin of the dabo wheel or a try at the slot machines."

Hadrian slid a slip of latinum towards the Vulcan but then pulled it back.

"Oh see there now I blew it. I guess you've realized that this is in fact, not a pet store. How foolish of me to try and deceive you."

Feigning surrender, he once again slid the latinum towards the Vulcan.

"Welcome to Preator's Palace Casino and Lounge. We are in fact a Casino and Lounge."

The Vulcan's brow lifted slowly, as if pulled by a curtain. This Romulan was, as he expected, turbulent. The Vulcan kept his hands behind his back and rotated his neck to observe the girls near the Dabo table, giving him tiny waves.

A human would wave back, Sutak returned his sight to the bar.

"Water, please." The Vulcan glanced over his shoulder at the Cardassian. "Were you a citizen of the Romulan Star Empire? Have you been in Federation Space very long? How long have you been on board the station Sigma Rho?" The Vulcan's series of pointed questions were what he considered to be a very successful attempt at "chit-chat."

Almost as quickly as the Vulcan fired off his barrage of questions Hadrian answered in quick succession.

"Yes, Yes, 3 Months. I'll have to check on that water though, we may be all out."

After a brief moment he returned with a glass of water.

"Well, looks like you got lucky."

Sutak narrowed his eyes at the fast-talking Romulan and held the glass of water with his left hand as he stood at the bar awkwardly. This was either an awkward moment of silence between the two, or they were sizing each other up. Or both.

Sutak stood for a moment, holding the glass in his hand, not drinking from it, before addressing the Romulan again.

"I have made it my duty to familiarize myself with this station, however I do not believe I will be 'darkening your doorway' again, anytime soon." He dimmed his voice to emphasize the human idiom.

He remained, staring blankly at the Romulan.

Hadrian's eyes narrowed.

"Well I hate to lose your business, it's not every day you sell a complimentary water. Still I think the place can survive losing a big spender like yourself. You take care now".

Sutak stared at Hadrian for a moment before picking up the water glass and drinking it all in one shot. He placed the glass back on the bar - never once breaking eye contact.

"If you'll excuse me, I've had too much to drink." The Vulcan made his way towards the door, passing the tall Cardassian on his way out.

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Re: AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

Postby James Greenman » Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:15 am

Absolutely fantastic log, guys! I can't wait to see how Mr. Sulfrek there plays with everyone else onboard. :dance:
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Re: AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

Postby Jack Lucas » Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:22 am

James Greenman wrote:Absolutely fantastic log, guys! I can't wait to see how Mr. Sulfrek there plays with everyone else onboard. :dance:

I had a blast writing this with Swiss. I think he mentioned he may want to act as a sounding board for the other characters to drop in on and see how they mix.

Either way, I imagine it will be a long time before Sutak is back in there...


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Re: AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

Postby Swiss Knight » Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:16 am

Stardate: Uh... a few days after 11402.27

The coughing fit had been nearing almost a minute and a half by the time Hadrian started to regain his composure. If nothing else, he had to be grateful nobody had entered the turbolift in that time. After steadying himself and taking a few deliberate breaths, he removed the rag from his mouth and stole a quick glance at the now familiar green flecks of blood that dotted its surface. He had made a mental note a few months earlier to find out if the frequency of these incidents was increasing, but he hadn’t followed through. Whatever the nature of his condition, the first time he had coughed up blood it had greatly alarmed him, the fact such a thing had changed into routine could not mean anything good.

He waited a few more seconds to make sure the worst was over and straightened himself out. With a calm voice that only barely betrayed how he actually felt, he spoke to the computer. “Deck four please”. The turbolift came to life and a brief moment later he stepped out on to the Promenade.

As the only part of the station that had escaped the bland predetermined Starfleet layout, the Promenade was naturally Hadrian’s favorite. Along with a few dozen of assorted shops, boutiques and the odd concession booth, there was a Klingon, or rather Klingon themed restaurant called Qaplah's. Hadrian had never been there, nor did he intend to, but he found the concept uproarious and delightful. Had there been anyone on the station he could trust with his thoughts, we would have told them as much. After a fleeting stroll past various other less amusing storefronts he finally arrived at his purpose. He stopped at the entrance and in what had become a sort of morning ritual took it all in.

In this setting, it appeared almost garish but the holoprojector used to light it did a fine job of producing all the appropriate details. As showy as it might be, the sight of the Romulan Eagle clutching the worlds of Romulus and Remus still filled him with pride. Below that, cycling through every common language was “Preator’s Palace Casino and Lounge.”

He made his way into the small lobby and gave a friendly nod to his right hand man Kenrik. The Cardassian was one of the most good-humoured people Hadrian had ever met, but while on duty never broke the stern and sullen mood that constituted his role in the establishment. There was something to be admired there. He had almost entered the main lounge when he made a sudden turn and spoke quietly to his associate.

“If that annoyed looking Vulcan comes back, ask him for his ID. We can’t have minors in this place after all.”

Kenrik nodded, almost without moving, Hadrian knew he was smiling on the inside. With that done he continued his way forward. Hadrian didn’t expect to see that Vulcan again, he had been told as much, but on the off chance he came back, Hadrian would at least get a brief laugh out of it. He grinned slightly passing through the second set of open doors.
When Hadrian bought the place it had been known as The Royal Risa. Decrepit, dingy and falling apart it had matched the sort of folks who spent their time there. Renovations had seen the bar fully replaced, new Dabo Wheels, a myriad of gambling machines and even two holosuites. The place was shiny and new, yet the calibre of it’s customers had remained the same. With all his accomplishments in the Romulan Star Empire it seemed somehow natural that he should struggle in this tasteless facsimile of it.

He approached the bar, exquisitely lit and lined with nearly every drink imaginable. An Orion waitress approached him. Hadrian didn’t recognize her, she must have been new. He made a note to compliment Kenrik on his taste in staff and then promptly forgot.

“Hey there, welcome to Preator’s Palace Casino and Longue! Can I start you off with a drink?” she said in a delightfully annoying sort of way.

“Yeah, can you have a bottle of Romulan ale sent to my quarters? I should be up there in a few minutes.” He turned and strolled back into the main longue before the Orion could ask how he wanted to pay for that and where exactly his quarters were. Out of the corner of his eye he saw one of the employees he did know explain to her just who he was.

“It’s not exactly the bridge of a Warbird, but at least I get a modicum of respect here”. Hadrian muttered to himself.

He made his way through the maze of gambling machines, arranged in such a way to keep the customer lost, yet always facing more ways to lose money. He always liked make the rounds, the small scattering of customers was a welcome sight. Nearing some of the themed slot machines he picked up the sounds of cursing emanating from one of them. Rounding a corner he happened upon a very pissed off looking Starfleet Officer. He would pull the wheel, the results would spin up, and the young man would let out a seemingly random expletive.

“Everything okay there pal?” Hadrian asked, slightly bemused.

“My drink is empty. How bout you do something about that” Three wildly different shapes spun up. “God damn it!”

Hadrian’s respect for the officer intensified.

“You got it”.

When he found his way back into the lounge and table games, he stopped once more at the bar. The Orion waitress was waiting for him.

“The bottle is waiting for you upstairs Mr. Sulfrek!” she said almost immediately.

“Great thanks, there’s an angry looking guy somewhere in the casino floor. Make sure his drink is never empty. Put it on my account. If you can’t find him, follow the swearing”.

He left again without waiting for her reply and made a beeline for the private turbolift at the end of the bar. Within seconds, he was in his quarters, a few levels directly above. As promised, a bottle of Romulan Ale was waiting for him.

His view at the moment was nearly entirely obstructed by some sort of starship slowly undocking from Sigma Rho and headed to open space. The near constant movement of starships and shuttlecraft cruising in a myriad of directions nearly directly outside his window might have been considered distracting by some, Hadrian had more than once figured that these quarters might have been a sort of insult by the station’s commander. But the view didn’t bother him and it was still better than the tiny coffins endured by the rank and file on the station.

Hadrian opened the bottle of Romulan Ale and poured himself a glass. Staring at the departing vessel he mulled things over. All things considered it was a pretty good morning. Or was it, he suddenly realized he had no clue what time it was or how long he had been awake.
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Re: AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

Postby Jack Lucas » Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:22 am

I wonder who that young Starfleet Officer was?

Incredible log, nice to get some more insight into what goes on inside Praetor's Palace.



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Re: AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

Postby John Chisholm » Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:34 pm

I think we can all have fun bouncing off this character and this place. I guess mine would be very interested in his medical condition, but the only time he ever went in it was by mistake and he was plastered...Shaping up to be a great character this guy.


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Re: AUX Hadrian Sulfrek

Postby Swiss Knight » Sat May 31, 2014 4:14 pm

Joint Log with CJ Short as AUX Nola

The human woman looked around groggily, still feeling the effects of the anesthezene. She'd know this might happen, and had in fact been trained for this very scenario. It was different when it was real, though. At least, it felt different. Maybe it was just the surroundings; a dank cargo hold on a run-down freighter, alone with a particularly dangerous Romulan.

"I've had worse first dates," she said, smiling as she tried to get her head back in the game.

Hadrian eyed the woman carefully as she awoke from her anesthesia. She had regained consciousnesses faster than he would have expected, suggesting some measure of training or acquired resistance on her part. This raised only further questions.

She let out a glib remark and Hadrian judged the woman was finally coherent enough to understand his meaning.

"I met a man many years ago" Hadrian began, "he was fond of the phrase 'time is the fire in which we burn'. When I was diagnosed with my condition, that phrase resonated with me and I have found myself thinking of it often. When faced with death, time, is the only currency that matters. "

Hadrian stepped back into the shadows of the cargo bay and began powering up the airlock.

"I realize humans tend not to be well versed in economics so I shall put it plainly. You are going to give me answers and in return I am going to give you time. Answers I find worthwhile will be worth years, maybe enough to ensure you live to a hundred and fifty and you die in your bed surrounded by loved ones. Answers I don't find worthwhile will be worth seconds and you'll die shortly after exiting this cargo bay surrounded by nothing at all."

Hadrian let his hand rest over the forcefield generator console.

"I'm going to start with an easy one, who are you?"

Adrenaline started to course through Nola's veins, which further helped to clear her head. She didn't doubt the Romulan's threat; he would kill her without a second thought if he wanted to. She felt fear, trepidation, and an odd thrill. Adria has said this might happen. She'd asked Nola if she was willing to give her life. She'd said yes instantly, and it filled her with a dark pride that she might get to live up to that promise.

"I am Nola, Adria's messenger," she said with only a slight tremble in her voice.

"Fantastic" Hadrian exclaimed. "I say that's worth at least 60 seconds. Let's move to one that's slightly harder. Who is Adria and why can't she just come here in person"

Nola looked at Hadrian closely, her face seeming to go through several emotions all at once.

"Adria is... the light in the darkness," he said softly, her voice quivering some. Her eyes started to shine with dampness as she spoke, her voice filled with conviction. "She has come to change us, to make us better, and stronger. She has come to wipe away the sins of the Federation, and the Romulans, and the Klingons, and all the rest; she has come to bring us our future." She took a deep breath, seeming to regain her composure some, blinking the tears out of her eyes and sending them rolling slowly down her cheeks.

"She works elsewhere, and sends a trusted few amongst the stars to spread her message."

Hadrian was immediately disenchanted. In the end, all he had done was capture a blind zealot. Nobody who could be reduced to almost tears over the mention of a name could be counted on to provide any sort of answers he required.

"Well, it seems this Adria and I have a lot in common." Hadrian began slowly, "As it happens, I send a trusted few amongst the stars to spread my message as well."

And with that, Hadrian activated the airlock.

After a few minutes he walked quietly back onto the freighter's modest bridge. Kenrik stood as silent as ever.

"I know what you're going to say and I don't want to hear it." Hadrian began. "We do still have a problem though. Whoever this Adria really is, I expect she'll be showing up sooner rather than later now. I intend to be ready for her"

There was a brief silence.

"And stop with the shipments of Kava Juice to the bar, nobody is ordering the damned stuff"

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