"Wolf", Mission Arc #10

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"Wolf", Mission Arc #10

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:22 pm

It was one of those dusky evenings where the light from the dying sun seemed too timid to reach far into the soft shadows of the courtyard. The air was damp, the way air always was at the tail end of summer. You could almost taste autumn on the breeze that tossed and turned the leaves of the trees this way and that, teasing them, promising them that soon, they'd all be collecting in swirling masses on the cold flagstones below.
But none of this mattered when a two tonne Klingon fist was sailing towards you at preternatural speed.

"Ooof!" she gasped as she went flying, a tangle of limbs and loose hair, spinning and finally connecting painfully with the ground.
"Again!" her trainer bellowed, slapping his thin cane against the side of his leg impatiently.
She gasped for breath and looked up at him. Her reddening cheek was covered in wet earth and tiny bits of gravel. "You try..." she husked, forcing the misty air into her recently deflated lungs.
"Again!" he shouted louder.
Groaning, she arched her tired back, and rose slowly to her hands and knees. "This is not worth-" her complaint was interrupted by a large boot between her shoulders, flattening her into the stone courtyard once more.
"You want me up, he wants me down..." she spat as she felt her sternum pop under the pressure. "You can have me any way you want, just give me notice."
Her quip earned her a slap of the cane. "Goddammit, stop it with the damned stick!"
"Try again!" he demanded.
She groaned into the cold ground. "I don't know what to say!" she argued.
Her trainer nodded to the Klingon who released her from under his boot. She sighed, and slowly pulled herself to her feet, brushing off the grit and grime that now clung to her tight, leather ensemble.
Her trainer looked at her with cold, grey steel in his eyes. "If you don't know what to say..." he explained, evidently not for the first time.
"...don't say anything at all, fine. I remember." She massaged her jaw. "Hell of a right cross you have there, gorgeous," she added, addressing her opponent. "Do you do everything that rough?" she winked, then winced as she felt the cane across her shoulder. "Dammit, I said stop it!"
"Try again..."
"I don't say anything, huh?"
"Indeed," her trainer replied, stepping close to her. He spoke softly then. "Keep it all inside," he explained, "...don't flirt, don't admit anything, deny the attraction, hold it in your chest and let it fester and boil til it's a barely controllable, illogical anger. Then use it to fight."
"I'd rather fuck him..." She felt the cane before it hit her. "Fine! Agh!" She glared at her trainer. "Do that often enough, I'll start to like the pain!" she warned.
Her trainer nodded with a grim satisfaction. "That was part of it too, I suspect."

She looked back at the Klingon. Watched him move, his feet shifting and his fists raised in a fighting stance. She let her eyes linger on his broad shoulders, his proud chest, his firm waist and long legs. She licked her lips and adopted the same stance. "Deny the attraction..." she repeated. "Fight, don't flirt..." She moved towards him to make her first move. "This is completely fucked up," she added as he dodged her swinging kick with ease, sending her flying to the dirt once more.


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Re: "Wolf", Mission Arc #10 - Mission Orders

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:54 pm

Mission Orders
SD 11508.27

To: CO Sumner, USS Bremen
Cc: CEO LtCmdr Adalberto

Captain Sumner, Commander Adalberto,

May I add my hearty congratulations on your recent return. I don't have to tell you the relief I felt when intelligence of your survival reached my desk. We have lost so many ships, and so many brave officers in our defence of the Federation border, it is with supreme relief that we celebrate your unexpected return.

The USS Tunisia has been dispatched to meet you, and to escort you to Relief Station Gamma Rho where your crew will be examined by an extensive medical and psychiatric team, and your ship will be repaired.

Once your crew and ship have received a clean bill of health, you will be required to resupply and take on a team of diplomats bound for Klingon space.

Captain, this mission should be an easy transport one. After your recent experiences, HQ thinks it best we ease you all back into regular duty, and I agree. You will transport the team of seven diplomats safely to Organia, a once disputed planet on the Klingon/Federation border.
Once there, you are required to act as official escort to the team as they... iron out... a misunderstanding or two with members of the Klingon High Council. You will take your orders directly from the diplomatic team with regards to diplomatic protocol, their personal and official needs.

It goes without saying, dress uniforms are required for the length of this mission.

Admiral Elsbeth Bantree,
Starfleet HQ

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Mission Briefing SD 11508.27

Postby C. J. Short » Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:35 am

TO: All Senior Staff, USS Bremen NCC-12428
FROM: Commander Sumner, CO USS Bremen NCC-12428

All: Congratulations once again to those of you who earned promotions and commendations (keep at it, Cadets; you'll earn your stripes soon enough). They were well earned, both in your performance against the Tzenkethi, and in extracting us from the clutches of the Su.

Were it up to me, we'd all be taking a lengthy vacation somewhere (not Risa; nothing good happens on Risa), but Starfleet has other plans for us. First off, we're to undergo physical and psychiatric evaluation. These evaluations are not voluntary.

Once these are complete, we will be escorting a team of diplomats to Organia, a planet in Klingon space, in order to mediate a dispute. Since this is a diplomatic mission, Starfleet Command has reminded me that dress whites will be required during all diplomatic functions (I'm no more happy about it than you are).

You'll receive a more exact schedule for our evaluations soon.

CSO: Please report to my ready room at your earliest convenience.

TAC: You too.

That is all.

Captain Sara Sumner
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Mission Briefing SD 11509.03

Postby C. J. Short » Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:20 pm

TO: Senior Staff, USS Bremen NCC-12428
FROM: Commander Sumner, CO USS Bremen NCC-12428

We are now en route to Organia. I remind you that this mission is one of sensitive diplomacy; any interactions with anyone outside the crew should be done with your best behavior in mind. I would also suggest developing a taste for Klingon food and drink, if you haven't already.

CEO: Report to my Ready Room.

CTO: Work with the diplomats to figure out security concerns and accommodations for the visit. We'll need to know their schedule, if they have one. If they're winging it, that would be good to know, too.

TAC: Run tests on the weaponry and shield systems; I don't expect we'll need them on this mission, but it's best to be prepared.

OPS: I want a report of everything we know about Organia, including its role in the Khitomer Accords, however minute it may be.

CSO/SCI: I need you to find the most recent genetic record for Kesh Suder, prior to her death. Captain Suder has consented to a scan to prove her identity. I want you to look for any evidence of cloning, or anything that might indicate that she may be from an alternate timeline. You'll have to trust me on the latter.

ENG: Take your orders from Commander Adalberto, Mr. Jackson.
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Mission Briefing SD 11509.17

Postby C. J. Short » Thu Sep 17, 2015 5:36 pm

TO: Senior Staff, USS Bremen NCC-12428
FROM: Commander Sumner, CO USS Bremen NCC-12428

With the ship dead in the water, we'll be taking the yacht. Commander Jameson, Lieutenant sh'Hruvek, and I will continue the mission or Organia, along with the diplomatic core. Whether we'll be taking Ms. Suder along remains to be seen.

CEO: The ship is yours while we're gone. Get her back on her feet, and headed towards Organia as soon as possible. Also, since you've been so busy I haven't been able to give it to you in person, there is a package for you on my ready room desk. Open it.

CTO: I'll be handling the interrogation with Taemin Suder; no offense, but you have an obvious personal connection. Get the diplomatic attache secured aboard the yacht, and prepare for departure.

TAC: Security for the ship is up to you, Mr. Harlan. Keep her safe.

OPS/SCI: Work with Engineering to get the Bremen up and running. I don't feel overly secure with only the yacht for back-up.

CSO: I can't think of a specific reason for you to come along, but you're smart, and think well on your feet. If things go south, I want you at my side.
"As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death." - George Bernard Shaw, Overruled


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Re: "Wolf", Mission Arc #10

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:26 pm

"Kesh..." The Klingon commander said, interrupting his own posturing.
Suder stepped slowly out of the yacht and into view. For a fraction of a second she seemed to hesitate before winding her way through the clump of dignitaries and over to K'Tor. "You look older," she observed. "But, I like the grey streak," she added, gesturing to the few white hairs that had appeared in his red-brown beard.
K'Tor humphed, brushing his surprise aside as nostalgia flooded in to fill the gap. "It's been nearly twenty years."
"Still counting, I see."
He ignored her observation. "You look smaller than I remember, weaker."
"You've just put on weight."
K'Tor bellowed with laughter, his crew following suit. The hangar echoed with the thundering sound. "Come with me. We have much to catch up on."
Suder glanced back at Sumner, noticing, then immediately disregarding, the series of livid bruises that were starting to appear on the side of the Captain's neck. She turned back to K'Tor, pulled at her uniform to settle it, and moved purposefully forward.
"I'm hungry."


The bowl of gagh bounced as it was slammed down in front of her. Suder looked at it with barely hidden disgust.
"When I said I was hungry..."
K'Tor plonked into the seat beside her in his spartan quarters and immediately dunked his hand into the squirming contents of the bowl. "You used to love rodek gagh!" K'Tor looked annoyed. He emptied a handful into his mouth and spoke around the worms. "It's fresh."
"I don't care if it's fresh," Suder snapped, "I'm not eating it."
K'Tor frowned, his deep ridged forehead crinkling even further. He roughly removed his other arm from around her shoulders. "You dishonour me."
"Oh, don't start with that."
"You've changed."
"Stop sulking," she sighed, reaching forward, picking up the two goblets of blood wine and leaning back to hand him one.
He smiled at her. "Your husband must be a very patient man. No woman of mine would-"
"I'm not married," she blurted, trying to remember all the history she'd had drilled into her skull over the previous month. "At least, not anymore."
Silence descended as K'Tor took in this information.
Suder looked at him sideways. "I guess he wasn't patient enough..."
K'Tor humphed once more, his mood lightening visibly. He took a mouthful of bloodwine and smiled to himself. So, Kesh was single, was she? That damn, stuck-up Trill must have given up and bowed out. It took a strong man to handle a magnificent woman like Kesh, and and now, here she was, falling right into his lap again.

"What are you doing here, Kessy?" he inquired, scooping up more gagh and devouring it with relish.
"Watching you eat," she replied, trying not to stare at his mouth as it chewed up the live worms. She felt ill.

"I heard you were dead."
Her head shot in his direction, her fingers tightening their grip on her goblet as her face flushed. "Your intelligence is clearly wrong," she observed coldly. "Don't believe everything you hear."
"Hmm," he rumbled, swigging back more wine. "What... are you doing here, Kessy?", he repeated.
"I'm here to help strengthen the ties between our two peoples, K'Tor, I'm one of the delegates. We hope to work with you to find a mutually beneficial agreement with regard to Organia."
K'Tor stared at her intensely. "Did they make you learn that by rote?"
Suder couldn't help but laugh. "I'll try to make it sound more spontaneous tomorrow when we get around the negotiation table."
K'Tor put his goblet down with a bang. "There will be no negotiations. Not with you, or your delegates, not with that Captain... er..."
"Hm. Tell me. If she was negotiating with Andorians, would she paint herself blue, and wear antenna?"
Suder leant back in her chair and sipped her drink, barely tasting the intense flavour of the prized Klingon beverage as she swallowed it. "That's pretty much standard for her, to be honest. The hair, the clothes... she'd even dress like that on the bridge of her own ship if they'd let her. I bet she'd have her whole crew in leather chaps if she could. Interesting woman. Gotta say... the whole look works for her, though... but don't get any ideas, she has a mate, I believe."
"You know we were invited to negotiate, right? You know that we have one job here and that Starfleet simply won't take 'No' for an answer, K'Tor. You can't just... start colonizing a planet in Federation space, kidnap a few high-ranking Starfleet officers and expect to get away with it. If we don't report back, HQ will send another ship, and a nother and another 'til you're surrounded."
K'Tor fell silent, watching Suder with a critical eye. "You are limping after your clash with the Tzenkethi. You have no ships to spare..." His eyes narrowed. "You talk a lot more than you used to."
Suder avoided his gaze. "Maybe I have more to say, now."
"That's not it. I used to hear you in my mind... You wouldn't have to make a sound and I knew how you felt, but now... nothing." He looked at her suspiciously, leaning in. "Why is that?"
"It's getting late. I should speak with Sumner. Perhaps she will have better success speaking with you." She stood up. "Thanks for the wine."
He reached over and wrapped his strong fingers around her wrist. "No."
She wrenched her arm free, pulling violently away and instinctively searching her side for a phaser, a knife... anything! "'No'..?" she intoned, indignantly. "'No', you say? You have no power over me... no right to hold me or my crew. We are only here still because we have a job to do, understood? You have no control here."
K'tor leapt to his feet, towering over the much shorter betazoid. He growled, glared at her and once more grabbed her wrist. He stepped towards her, invaded her personal space, and smelt her hair.
Suder shuddered, disgusted by this oaf of a man.
K'Tor noticed her discomfort. "Your crew is in our brig, you have no weapon, your ship is searching for us in the wrong place, and I have the greater strength... Tell me again how I, the superior warrior, have no control..." he rasped.
Glowering back at him, she ripped his mek'leth off his belt and flicked it upwards against his heart. "There's more to being a warrior than strength."
K'Tor snarled, fire in his dark eyes. He pressed his chest against the sharp blade, grabbed a hold of her hair roughly and kissed her. "I missed you."


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Re: "Wolf", Mission Arc #10

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:48 pm

Taemin's fingers flew like lightening over the yacht's conn console. The only sound in the cabin was of her panicked breathing as she persisted in her escape plan. She aimed the small vessel into the empty black of Federation space and activated warp, letting out a strangled gasp of fear and relief that her sudden, impulsive need to get the hell off the D'torCh'a had paid off.
Freedom was tantalising, beckoning her. And with a chance at total autonomy once more, even the prospect of being among Klingons and away from Federation prison wasn't enough for her.

She had played that well, she told herself, pushing the tinge of guilt back down.
There was no other option.
She had to do something to get away from New Zealand. She shuddered at the memory of those beige-hued rooms, with their fawn-coloured therapists, and their off-white humdrum days. Arts and Crafts. Co-operative sports. Group therapy.
"Tell me why you think you did what you did?" they'd ask, and she'd lie, and tell them what they wanted to hear. "Because I had a bad childhood, and never learnt right from wrong..." She'd smile a milky smile and they'd nod approvingly at her insight and honesty.
But in reality she was screaming inside. Bouncing off the walls as she sat perfectly still.

Why did she actually kidnap and impersonate a Starfleet officer?
Because she COULD! Because it made her feel alive, powerful, in control, and she liked all those things!
Why did she persist in doing it? Because people treated her with respect, admiration, even love, and she enjoyed how that felt.
She enjoyed it especially when Tony treated her like that.

“And I trusted you”
"Yea, well... " she muttered aloud, before shaking her head at her own silliness. Talking to a figment of her own imagination? She wasn't THAT crazy!
“But you are, right? You’re mad….ten more years, less maybe….and you would have been out. Still have a life on Earth. Still have friends”
"Ten years?", she heard herself scoff. "May as well be a lifetime." She focused on her console. "And I can find other friends..."
“Hah! Yeah, right”
"I'll figure something out," she growled indignantly. "I always do. After all, I convinced you I was someone else, escaped from a Federation prison and from under the noses on the Klingon Empire... all in the space of a few short days." She turned her head, buying into the idea that Tony was sitting in the empty seat beside her. "And I did most of that with a hangover."
“And how does that make you feel?”
"What do you care how I feel?" she growled. "You convinced me that cooperating with Starfleet would be best, and they locked me up like a bad dog. And how often did you visit? How often did you contact me?" She glared at the figment. "They locked me up, and you ignored me. This..." she nodded out the yacht's main window, "this is better."
“If you say so”
"Damn right, I say so. I'm the only one who matters anymore. This universe, with your fake compassion and precious morals... Fuck you all, Tony." She poked angrily at the console in front of her. "I'm going to find a way home."

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Mission Briefing SD 11510.22

Postby C. J. Short » Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:48 pm

TO: Senior Staff, USS Bremen NCC 12428
FROM: CO Captain Sara Sumner, USS Bremen NCC 12428

All: We've secured the return of two of the diplomats, but there are four more to retrieve. Their safety is our top priority. K'Tor of the House of Durak is looking to make a statement. He will posture and threaten, but we will not be the ones to blink.

CEO: I want you working with Tactical on a plan to secure the hostages should diplomacy fail. Just to be clear, I will let you know if and when that happens.

CTO/TAC: Keep as at Yellow Alert for the time being. I want weapons ready to power up at a moment's notice. Until then, keep them cool. Avoid any weapon locks until I've given an order otherwise.

CSO/OPS: Contact Starfleet Intelligence and request anything they have on the House of Durak or K'Tor himself. We're going to need some leverage.

MED: If we do this right, your services shouldn't be needed, doctor. However, recent history suggests we just might. Keep your staff ready. I also want a medical team in Transporter Room 1, just as a precaution.

K'Tor is playing a dangerous game. He can't be allowed to win. Keep your heads, and we'll get through this together.

That is all.

Captain Sumner
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Mission Briefing SD 11511.05

Postby C. J. Short » Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:19 pm

TO: Senior Staff, USS Bremen NCC-12428
FROM: Captain Sara Sumner, CO USS Bremen NCC-12428

All: We've rescued the diplomats, but our work is not done. K'Tor has overreached in his attempt to elevate his house, and both he and the Klingon Empire need to understand what he's risking.

CEO/ENG: Get the ship as close to fighting shape as possible. I don't intend to battle the Klingons, but I don't want to give K'Tor an easy target, either.

CSO/SCI: If it does come to a fight, we need a way to counter the Klingons' cloaking. Go over the options and let me know what you think is the best one.

TAC: Keep us at Yellow Alert for now. When we get back to Organia, I want constant scans for potentially cloaked vessels. We need to know how many we're dealing with.

OPS: I want the Klingon High Council on speed dial.

CTO: Please continue to not be dead.

MED: Please continue to make sure Commander Jameson isn't dead.

That is all.
"As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death." - George Bernard Shaw, Overruled

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