The Poker Group SD 11405.15

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The Poker Group SD 11405.15

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Wed May 21, 2014 11:45 pm

"I don't know, exactly. All I am certain of right now is they have Dest in with the new CTO, and Dyl's in custody..."
The two women looked at each other, similar expressions of mingled confusion and alarm on their faces. "Do you think could they have-"
"Don't even say it!" Rena interrupted with a hiss as the turbolift continued on its way.
Tegan nodded, chastised. "Of course, I know... But Dest has been pretty vocal about The Order... maybe-"
"I don't believe it, even you, now? That's Noran Dest they have in an interrogation room, Ree. The guy's a sweetheart. Little lacking on common sense, maybe, but he'd never raise a hand, and you know it."
"Technically, from what I heard in Sickbay, whoever did this didn't have to raise a hand."
A familiar silence settled like a toxic mist over the turbolift's two occupants. Moments later, their dark thoughts were interrupted by a comm. "Kasta to Rena... I just heard about Dest," Kasta paused and continued "...They've confined me to quarters. I think there's a security detail on its way to you too." The turbolift doors opened. The women stood still as they locked eyes with a group of Tactical officers facing them in the corridor beyond.
Tegan recognised two or three of them. The others, she assumed must be blow-ins from the Hooke. "It takes this many of you to arrest us?" she asked, unmoving. Her companion stayed equally still. Never give an inch. That was the Bajoran way.
"No-one's being arrested," the human Tactical officer, Lt. Dillinger explained, his voice reasonable. "Please come with me."
"On whose authority?"
"Lt. Sumner, ma'am."
"Hm." The women exchanged a glance. "I'm not moving."
The Dillinger's stance changed. This should have been routine, but it didn't feel like it was going to go as hoped. "You're not under arrest now, but if you don't come with me willingly, you will be soon, is that clear?"
"So... resist and be punished. Does that sound familiar to you, Tegan?"
"A little... yea."
The tactical officer waved his hand and his men stepped into the 'lift, taking hold of the two Bajorans within and escorting them out with some degree of difficulty.
"Look, it's just a precaution," he tried to explain. "You're both to be confined to quarters until this blows over, okay?" he said, over their animated protests, "Your co-operation is appreciated..."

He frowned, feeling that headache coming on again. He hung back as his men proceeded forward with their charges protesting loudly. He pinched the bridge of his nose and commed Sumner. "Tegan and Rena are in hand, sir. That's the whole poker group accounted for."
He made to follow his team. As he passed by a junction he caught sight of a lone engineering officer standing beside an open conduit. In one limp hand she held a hyperspanner. The other was holding the hatch open. She wasn't concentrating on her work. Rather, she was staring at him. The earring shining through her loose hair, and the ridges on her petite nose showed her to be Bajoran, too, and the accusing glare in her eyes was more than enough evidence to show she had seen her fellow countrywomen frog-marched past here. He nodded once to her, and pressed on, pushing his harried thoughts on the subject of what the two women may have said add they passed by, to the back of his mind.

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Re: The Poker Group SD 11405.15

Postby Einar S » Thu May 22, 2014 12:12 pm

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