NAV Cadet Matrel

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NAV Cadet Matrel

Postby Jae Lee » Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:56 am

Stardate 11512.01

Starting a new life is never easy for anyone. It’s especially difficult for a Deltan like cadet Matrel starting his Starfleet career aboard a Starfleet Intrepid starship USS Bremen. He was thrilled to board the ship to start his Starfleet career as a helmsman. It was a dream come true. He studied hard for a few years at the Starfleet Academy to be posted to serve on this fine ship.

Matrel’s new life was different from his academic one. Instead of going to his classes, he now had to serve a fixed duty shift as a helmsman on the Bridge. Everything mattered now. His performance during his shift duty on the Bridge mattered for real. It was no longer theoretical. Another difference was that he had to man the navigation console during his entire daily duty shift which lasted about 8 hours. During his duty shift, he is tasked with all flight and navigation operations of the starship, especially navigational references and course plotting. He had to constantly monitor the navigation computer to make sure that the starship was heading in the right course all the time.

Matrel had to get used to a regular Starfleet life: 8 hours duty shift and other 16 hours for sleep and off-duty activities. He had no control over his required duty shift hours. Starting a new life outside his required duty shift hours aboard the USS Bremen was a huge challenge for Matrel because he was a Deltan. Having grown up on Delta IV, he had to get accustomed to forming non-Deltan relationships which were more rigid in nature than any Deltan relationships. It took much time and alot of effort at the Starfleet Academy for Matrel to form some friendships with some non-Deltans.

Matrel now faced this challening task as a new crew member aboard the USS Bremen. For a first few days, he didn’t bother, because he was focused on getting used to a new Starfleet life. He focused on getting to his duty shift on time and doing his duty tasks during his duty shift. He didn’t want bother with socializing with others during his off-duty hours until he got used to his new Starfleet life. He remained friendly but aloof for first few days. Yet he didn’t hide in his quarters. Being curious, he explored some public areas of the ship to get familiar with it better.

Matrel stopped by the mess hall, although he didn’t quite socialize with others. He spent time on the Holodeck. He explored the corridors on some Decks. He also spent off-duty hours to prepare for his duty. Naturally he slept about 7 hours a day to get rested for his next duty day. Overall, he was thrilled and excited to serve on this Starfleet Intrepid starship USS Bremen.

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Re: NAV Cadet Matrel

Postby Einar S » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:22 am

great introduction :) look forward to meeting Matrel!
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Re: NAV Cadet Matrel

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Thu Dec 03, 2015 8:49 pm

And we're thrilled and excited to have him aboard!
Great intro, Jae!

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