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Captain Jonathan Rome w/CEO LtCmdr Danann SD 11507.06

Postby Einar S » Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:41 pm

Niamh moved numbly into the Ready Room. At one stage Rome had been guiding her along, but now he appeared to have let her continue on her own minimal steam. Her blood pumped in her ears and her fingers twitched as they ached to get back to that console and continue to search the debris field. Right now, nothing else mattered.
Her thoughts had deserted her and her mind seemed empty. She had no internal voice; it was being drowned out by an uncomfortable keening sound that she felt powerless to silence.
"I know it hurts Commander....we all lost someone dear on that ship" he motioned for her to sit down on the sofa before taking the seat next to her...something he normally did not do with subordinates. Maybe he felt guilty. "I met Commander Adalberto a few times, he seemed like a fine young man....and I am sorry for your loss"
"Fine young man..." she sighed, nodding repeatedly as her vision blurred with tears, fighting back the feeling of complete helplessness. "Credit to Starfleet... Sorely missed by all who knew him... Great potential, taken too soon..." she looked sideways at him. "Have I missed any meaningless platitudes? Any others you want to add?"
Jonathan ground his teeth and tried not to take her comment personally. She was hurt, so was he....he was just getting better at not showing it. "They put up a good fight, we can be proud of them for that...look outside, it's a graveyard. The Bremen saved countless lives with their sacrifice and it helped us put an end to this war before more people were lost. So they were a credit to Starfleet and they will be sorely missed.....even though something is a cliché doesn't mean it's not true"
"And just because you wrap their deaths up in a nice, honorable bow, doesn't mean I have to like it, or accept it... It doesn't make it right!" She leant forward, seeming to hesitate before coming to a decision and standing up. "Thanks for the consolation, Captain. I feel much better. "
"Commander....Danann....I'd like you to take some time off, effective immediately. You've done us a great service these past few months but I think your crew can handle the repairs"
"I lose him, then literally seconds later... you take my post from me... again. Again? Are you serious?!" she raised her arms in complete and abject frustration. "The one fucking thing that might just pull me through this with... an ounce of... of... " she was incapable of speaking further as her emotions overwhelmed her. Her grief escaped in giant sobs, tears streaking down her exhausted face.
Jonathan reached out, softly grabbing her arm. "The work will be there when you return.....I just think you need the time to process this.....I am very sorry for your loss...I know how it feels. "
She hardly registered him speaking, his words were nothing but muffled noise, but his touch felt real. She took in one long, racking breath and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, burying her face in his shoulder.
Jonathan almost recoiled in shock, but after a few seconds, placed his arms around the woman in consolation. "You'll be alright....I promise" he fought to keep his eyes from watering as his own grief threatened to surface. "It will be okay."
She shuddered, a new wave of realisations dawning; she'd kissed him for the last time already - a quick final peck as they both hurried to redress in his office, she'd never again doze lazily in his arms, never hear him growl in her ear... "oh god..." she managed as she realized his final moments would have been gasping for air in the vacuum of space, a sensation she was now all too familiar with.
"I know it doesn't feel like it now....but it gets easier...."
His voice was soft, if a little formal, but she sensed the truth behind it. Niamh fought to push the image of Tony floating dead in space, eyes bloodshot and staring blindly, to the back of her mind. She forced herself to nod once into his shoulder, tightened her grip on Rome for a second, then released him. Standing unsure on her feet she held him with an exhausted, hollow stare. "When?"
"I'll let you know when I have an answer....but gradually"
She knew he spoke from experience, it was clear in his eyes. Perhaps for the first time ever, she was seeing him as a human being, with flaws and heartache and pain written in the lines of his face. "Please don't take engineering away from me."
"I won't....I never took anything away from you Commander....things were just complicated. I'm sorry."
"For... what?", she enquired gingerly.
"That you suffered instead of me" he added calmly before taking a step back and sitting back down on the sofa "For not being able to stop this war sooner. For a lot of things"
Her brave face cracked again, but this time she was a little more successful at holding back her tears.
"Thank you, sir..." she held his gaze, her watery eyes like two perfect pools of sorrow. "Thank you for saying that..."
"Thank you for listening" he said, keeping his composure but feeling the weight of this day on his shoulders. What would he tell Thalev?
"I'll, eh... go transfer engineering's codes over to... whatsername... the new girl."
Jonathan nodded a little too sharply and adjusted his uniform before standing back up "Take the time you need, Commander."
"I don't need any time. No more than my entire department. But, an order is an order." She let her gaze linger on him for a moment too long, then allowed her shoulders relax. She turned and exited the Ready Room, out onto the Bridge, wearing her grief like a badge of honour.

As the doors closed Jonathan's facadé broke and the tears starting flowing down his cheek, soaking his beard. So much had been lost already and now Sara could he ever tell Thalev what had happened? He rushed to his feet and flung himself at his desk, tearing the monitor right out of it's socket and throwing it against the charred bulkhead in rage. And soon most of his belongings found themselves strewn about the office.
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby James Greenman » Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:06 pm

Like the Tzenkethi didn't smash the Hyperion up enough. :(

Smashing log, you two!

Edit: I just realised what I did there. :V
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Andrew James » Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:45 am

"New girl" ::sigh::
Great log, I enjoyed that!

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Captain Jonathan Rome w/ Thalev Idrani SD 11507.13

Postby Einar S » Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:55 pm

They were smaller quarters than Thalev had been used to, but all he really needed to be content this evening was a bed. Sara was somewhere... out there... maybe destroyed, lost in the final battle? He shook his head. He had to believe she was still alive. Besides, it was her turn to make him wait in fear and uncertainty. Damned Tzenkethi.

He turned over, trying to stop thinking for long enough to grab some sleep, but he knew it was a lost cause. He turned again, this time onto his back, and let out a sigh just as the comm came in. "Please hold for Captain Rome," said some tired-looking officer in yellow. Everyone looked tired nowadays, as if the end of the war finally let everyone realize they were a few more levels of exhausted than they all thought while they were on autopilot.

He ordered himself an Andorian Ale, sat at his console and waited for Jonathan to appear on screen.
Moments later a haggard looking Jonathan appeared on his screen, his eyes looked bloodshot but fierce none the less. "Thalev.."

He didn't call him 'Smurf', which meant this must be serious.

Jonathan ran a hand through his unkempt hair and sighed. "Thalev, I have bad news"

Thalev took a deep breath. He'd made this call many times himself when he was a commanding officer. He recognized the tone instantly, his fears all at once met. If he hadn't been sitting already, he'd have needed to. "Jon... " he said, before putting his glass to his mouth and emptying it in one go.
"I'm sorry...Sara, she's gone. The Bremen has officially been listed MIA....there's barely a trace of the ship left" he saw his friend's complexion turn ashen "Thalev....I am so two didn't deserve this"

Taking a long pause, Thalev refilled his glass, his hands unsteady and his mind racing. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, he wanted to punch something, he wanted to hide away... he didn't know what to do. In the end, he drank another glass silently before speaking next.
"Drink with me," he said, finally. "To Eva. To Sara." A tear escaped from his self-control, and rolled down his cheek.

"Thalev...old friend, I wish I was there in person to help you...but yes, I will drink with you. And I will get them for this, I promise you"
He shook his head. "No. Not this time." There's been enough death and suffering lately. „I want to spend my time remembering Sara for who she was. I don't want to forget her by being consumed by thoughts of revenge. I owe her more than that."
Jonathan took a deep breath. "It won't be your doing...we're still at war..." Jonathan stood up and reached above his head, grabbing a bottle of rum and a tall glass and poured himself a drink as he sat back down. "But for now we drink to those we've lost".

As the two men sat in near silence, lightyears apart but sharing a drink to the women they had lost, Jonathan‘s mind was also elsewhere....he would get them back for this. For all the lives they had taken from them. For him, Thalev and Danann and all the others.
Captain Jonathan Rome
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:08 pm

Well, this is epically sad...
"To Eva. To Sara."

aaah, so that's the sound my heart makes when it breaks...

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Captain Jonathan Rome w/ Admiral Walker SD 11507.20

Postby Einar S » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:04 pm

OOC: With CJ as Admiral Walker

Admiral Walker gently sipped his whiskey, savoring the taste and burn. He hadn't been able to stock the stuff himself recently; he'd been too busy to bug his contacts about it. He found it to be just what he'd needed after the last couple of days.
"How are you holding up, Jonathan?" he asked. "Unofficially."
"Unofficially? I'm angry" he said as he studied his glass, savoring the taste of the 18 year old scotch. "I want to get those bastards back for going back on their word"
Martin frowned softly, tilting his glass around.
"Best we can tell, they didn't. We didn't get rid of all the renegades," he explained, not looking Rome in the eye, instead focusing on his drink. "Something's not right, Jonathan."

"You think this is the Section's doing? We knew they were stockpiling ships well ahead of this war, I almost didn't escape from their den" Jonathan downed the drink and placed the glass on the desk "Let me find out who did this".
Martin gave a soft laugh. He shouldn't have been surprised that Jonathan would have thought the same thing. He pulled the small neutralizing device from his pocket, activating it and setting it on Jonathan's desk. Jonathan recognized the device immediately.
"To be honest, I don't have any proof. It just seems odd to me that Yix would be the one to survive the attack. He was the security head; it would have fallen to him to protect the President, and I have a hard time believing he'd still be alive if he were doing his job." The admiral sighed and took another sip.
"And there's more. The moment he was sworn in, things started changing. He had a plan. He knew this was going to happen. Now, I don't know if it's Section 31, but Yix is definitely not on the level. And, were you and your crew in top shape, I'd have no problem letting you go after it."

"This crew is perfectly capable Martin" Jonathan said forcefully, then leaned back in his seat to compose himself "We've done beyond the call of duty numerous times, we can do it again"
The admiral only gave his friend a knowing smile.
"Even if I ignored the fact that your chief engineer is apparently hanging by a thread, and that I know you were close to Captain Sumner, I still don't think this is the time. We need proof, and we need more people on our side." Martin stood and finished his drink, finally handing over the PADD he'd brought with him.
"I'm sending the Hyperion to Tefoy. There's been some kind of outbreak there. We haven't had time to deal with it due to the war, but it needs to be dealt with."

Jonathan wanted to plead his case but he knew that once Martin had made up his mind, there was no turning him. "Fine, I'll deliver flu medicine but then I want to be on the case. If Dixon and his lackeys are involved, you know your best change is having me visible. I'm his white whale"
Or perhaps Dixon was his?
Martin gave a nod.
"When the time comes, you'll be square in the middle, I assure you. For now, though, I'll focus on gathering facts. You and your crew can focus on trying to put this war behind you. I'll let you know when it's time to make a move."

Jonathan studied the device "Henry's he taking his sister's death?
Martin frowned some.
"He hasn't checked in with his handler in three days, so I'm guessing not well. I'm trying to get a hold of him, but... Well, he thought the world of Sara, as did you. If I know him like I think I do, he's probably planning to take on all of Tzenketh by himself. Hopefully he can be talked down."
"I know the feeling..." Jonathan grabbed the bottle and poured them both another drink. "Perhaps he can be persuaded to help"
"He's on the short list," said Martin. "The war disrupted our mission, but didn't end it. Were still going after the section."

Jonathan sipped of his drink "Good. And you can count on this crew too Martin. They'll be ship shape soon enough, I promise you that"
Martin offered a grin, clapping Jonathan on the shoulder.
"That, I do not doubt," he said.
Jonathan smiled and downed his drink "Chef has served up your favorite for lunch, I suggest we don't keep him waiting. He get's testy"
Martin laughed softly.
"That's what happens when you get old."
Captain Jonathan Rome
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Andrew James » Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:36 am

And he piled upon the whale's white hump, the sum of all the rage and hate felt by his whole race. If his chest had been a cannon, he would have shot his heart upon it...

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Captain Jonathan Rome 11510.12

Postby Einar S » Tue Oct 13, 2015 10:12 pm

Jonathan sipped of his Raktajino as he leaned back in the fake leather recliner in the Command lounge in the starport on Starbase 41. The shuttle had dropped him off a few hours earlier and he was taking the time between flights to catch up on the Hyperion's mission logs. "Damnit Lyon...when I told you to handle it, I never imagined you'd handle it like me.." he sighed and placed his cup on the table beside him. He was proud of Lyon, but he also knew the rain of fire that would pour down on him. Lyon didn't have the leverage he did, so the mark on his back would be big....and politics were a large part of Starfleet....even more now that the news of Martin's supposed retirement had hit the wire.

Martin had saved his first officer from a certain court martial, and for that he would be forever grateful. Jonathan reached for his cup, only to find it empty. "Waiter, I'll have another Rak. Double strong with cream". The console on his table lit up green with his order and minutes later a tall brunette wearing a very formfitting attire slid over with his Rak. "Thank you" he said and handed her a slip of latinum, then another "For your trouble"

"Thank you" she said, almost purring before sliding back towards the bar, knowing that Jonathan's gaze was following her. "Nice place" he said to himself and grabbed the PADD with his other hand and started reading the report once more. The Hyperion was docked at Starbase 375 where the SCE was updating her systems....however what they were updating was not in the report, which in itself was not overly suspicious, but....her last refit had been after the war, and from the action reports from Tefoy, the ship did not come under attack not require any repairs. He sipped of his Rak and placed the PADD back on the table. It was curious. And it peaked his interest.....he loved getting new toys. He would find out tomorrow when the passenger transport would bring him back home.

A movement by the entrance caught his eye as a young boy, no older than five was running towards him with a piece of paper in his hand and a big smile on his face. Jonathan smiled and leaned forward as the boy approached. "Hi there"

"Hi! This is for you" the boy said as he held out his hand, offering the piece of paper to Jonathan. He reached out and took the folded paper from the kid "What's this then?" He glanced at the note and furrowed his brow at the handwritten message and the smell of flowers. 'Hi Jon'.

He felt the tingle before registering the shock in the kid's eyes, and within seconds he felt the weightlessness of transport. And then there was nothing.
Captain Jonathan Rome
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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Sophie Wakeling » Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:12 pm

Bye bye Rome...
You were late for a date with Adria :p

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Re: Captain Jonathan Rome

Postby Chris Esterhuyse » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:08 pm

Nice log :) And yes, Lyon has a big-ass target on him and the ship. You taught me too well.
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