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Zero Logs

Postby Andrew James » Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:45 am

Post any introductions to your Hyperion-assigned characters in here!

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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Andrew James » Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:47 am

CMO Lt Ajala Ecchumati, Zero Log

"Yes, don't worry. While the Prometheus class wasn't designed with families in mind, like the Galaxy for example, there are still adequate facilities on board." The woman on screen wore blue civilian clothing, her golden hair dangling down over one shoulder.

"Alright," replied Ajala, quietly.

"Don't worry so much. I know you'd have prefered assignment on Sigma Rho, but Starfleet wants you on the Hyperion. With today's technology, it's very safe otherwise Starfleet wouldn't let families there in the first place, right?"

She looked to her left, towards the bedroom where her daughter slept, then back to the screen. "Naoise's nearly five; will there be other children around her age?"

The woman on screen nodded, and smiled. "Oh yes, Ensign Krath has two adorable children, twins. And then there's Lieutenant Commander Horas. He's a Caitian, and he has five little ones now. No, six!"

That seemed to go some way to helping alleviate Ajala's concerns. She smiled a little. "Thanks Greta."

"No problem. Any time you need something, just give me a call. That's what I am here for. And if I am ever unavailable, someone else from the department will be."

The call over, Ajala sat back in her chair, looking out over the top of her screen and out the window. It was dark, but you could still see the Haliian homeworld in the sky. Tonight was her last night here on the Haliian moon, alongside her family. Tomorrow would be a long day, full of travel. She'd already packed a few colouring books and learning games for her daughter, and she'd picked out a new book to keep herself occupied.

A new adventure awaited. This was what she'd been working for the last few years.

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Re: Zero Logs

Postby C. J. Short » Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:53 pm

Inala couldn't remember the last time she felt so pleasantly warm. She wrapped the plush blanket around herself more tightly, and switched sides, snuggling comfortably into her bed. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized this would probably be the last time she was able to do this, and it made her all the more reluctant to officially wake up.

"Inala? Breakfast, hun!" her dad's voice called out. She sighed softly, spent another moment with her face buried in her pillow, and started the arduous process of untangling herself from her bedding. Shuffling her way downstairs, she was met by her father's smiling face. Her mother was sitting at the table.

"Good morning, Sweetheart," the Orion woman said warmly. Inala smiled back.

"Good morning," she croaked, still reluctant to finish the waking-up process. This weekend at home had done wonders for her; her graduation complete, she was grateful for the chance to distance herself from the Academy, and to stay someplace comfortable before she shipped off to her new assignment. That her stay was nearing it's end filled her with a sense of both sadness and anxiety. The assignment hadn't been exactly what she expected: an engineer position aboard a Prometheus-class vessel. While her engineering grades had always been passing, she'd never felt overly comfortable in the environment. Trying to fill the role on a ship designed to break into three pieces was a little more than daunting.

"'Morning,'" her father echoed, making little air quotation marks with his fingers. "It's practically noon."

"Hey, there's still, like, fifteen minutes until noon," Inala said, rubbing her eyes and making her way to the kitchen table. "It counts," she insisted.

Breakfast consisted of one of Inala's favorites: 'slumgullion,' her father called it. A mixture of eggs, bacon, corn, and diced potatoes, all thrown into a large skillet. She'd figured out at the Academy that the term was used to identify a large variety of mixed dishes, but this was by far her favorite incarnation. Throw in a glass of orange juice, and she was in heaven.

"So," her mother started, after everyone was served. "Nervous?"

"Not at all," Inala said with obvious sarcasm.

"You'll be fine," said her dad. "Besides, if something goes wrong, you can just blame it on someone else. That's how we used to do it back in the day."

"And that cargo trader operated so smoothly, too," her mother quipped. They shared a laugh.

"Well, this is it," said her mother. Inala looked at both of them, unable to keep the tears completely out of her eyes. She felt a rush of strong emotion; that day had been nearly perfect. She was grateful that she'd gotten to spend it with them, and in that moment, grateful for everything they'd done for her to get her to this moment. It was the idea that she'd have to do the rest without them that scared her the most. There was that small inkling in the back of her mind, to call the whole thing off and get some local job so she could stay at home with them.

"We're proud of you," said her father. "I know, you probably expected us to say that, but... it's true." Inala wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged them both tightly, the three of them sharing a warm, loving embrace, all of them wishing the moment could last forever. Nothing does, though, and as comfortable as Inala would be staying home, she would be left... unfulfilled.

As if sensing her turmoil, or perhaps just expecting it, her mother gently framed Inala's face in her hands.

"We love you, Inala. You're going to do great." Inala nodded and smiled, heartened by that more than she would have expected.

"I love you, too," she said, before picking up her duffel bag.

"Knock 'em dead," said her dad, as Inala tapped her combadge.

"Ensign Emeric to Dostoevsky. One to beam up."
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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Andrew Rice » Sat Feb 08, 2014 3:52 am

"Cadet's log: I've arrived at my first post, albeit a bit early so only a skeleton maintence crew are on board. I've already staked out my quarters and I am the top bunk. Hey first come first serve. This ship is amazing, she's beautiful. Im looking forward to my first conversation with her, the warp core is currently offline so I can't hear how she hums, but I cannot wait. I..."

A beeping sound comes from the computer signalling a transmission.

"Damn it! Computer halt recording. On screen"

A young woman appears on the screen, with a beaming smiles on her face. "Hey big brother, hows it going?"
"Mellissa? What the hell? I literally just got here, how did even...?"
"I had the subspace network look for any ship with your name in its manifest, you did not make it easy by not telling me which ship you were posted to. So....where are you?"
"You're not going believe me, but I've been posted to the Hyperion."
"Noooooo...." she shouted with disbelief. "With your academy record, and they assign you to a Prometheus class?
"Hey, my record was exemplary for your information little sister."
"Oh and I suppose those disciplinary hearings never happened?"
"Just because you dont do anything intersting little miss part-time Vulcan Science Academy, anyway it was nothing."
"You nearly beat three cadets to death Soule, that is not nothing."
"They were jocks picking on my classmate, i dealt with them, and the academy board forgave me with a slap on the wrist. And! It speaks to my character that I'd rather be kicked out of the most important thing in my life than watch someone get wailed on everyday."
" probably enjoyed every second of it. But enough of that, whats it like?"
"I havent had time to look around yet, but she's a stunner, I cant wait to get a look at her tactical systems, get all up in her sensual places and see how she ticks..."
"That is disgustingly put, and on that I'm leaving. Dont get killed anytime soon, and for the love of all things dont piss your captain off. Love you."
"Love you too kid, send my love to gran and the twins."

The communication ends, and with a wry smile Ensign Douglas returns to forming his first log aboard his first ship on the first adventure he'd chosen for himself.
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V'lor Prologue

Postby Brian Bailey » Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:53 pm

Placing her bag of golf clubs carefully away in her storage closet of the small tight room aboard the USS Hyperion, V’lor allows herself a moment take let out an deep breathe something more Human than one would expect from a Vulcan. Then again she was an odd egg as a Vulcan with her Scottish Accent and almost near emotional empathy of those around her than what a Vulcan or a Human would expect.

It has been a long day from the graduating ceremonies of all her fellow cadets from Starfleet Academy. Then to the social event a graduating meal and social climbing that comes with the Starfleet Uniform. Yes, they tell you it is based on merit and how good you are, but V’lor was no fool it is also who you know. Something her more traditional Vulcan mother taught her when she stayed with her on Vulcan. Even a logical tight ass as her mother knew it was who you knew. V’lor caught that and it is those kind of relationships that helped one’s rise in Starfleet especially the chance to Command her own ship. This of her fellow Vulcans accepting your emotions or letting even a little bit out made you a pariah and a throwback to them. A lesser species. A lesser Vulcan. Which V’lor considered complete haggis. Logic was not the end and denying your emotions only made things worse, which made her happy that since she was a Vulcan who accepted her emotions, she did not have the sexual meltdown known as Pon Farr that the more logical of her species suffer through.

Not wanting to be on board an all Vulcan ship she worked hard to prove that she could work with other species around her. It was easy and the distain from her fellow Vulcans both students and instructors she had to deal with every day at the Academy. Something she was sure that rubbing shoulders with some of her classmates and it seemed Lt. Commander Suder, a blonde female Betazoid/Human and the host of the Cadet Graduation Party, took an interest in her. V’lor wanted to mingle with some of her cadets, but felt a little off that day. The thought of leaving her home world of Earth pained her just enough to close her off. She might not see it for a long time, but she had chosen her career to be an explorer the idea of adventure seemed to be pulling her. Or was it the fact she was going to have tee time on the Officer’s Course with some members of Starfleet Command? No, it was the golf she was looking forward to and she knew it.

She was not sure if the Commander was trying to recruit her or something else. She talked politely showing her respect of the rank in front of her. Maybe Suder was just being polite seeing the Vulcan not engaged much or that cold stare from the higher ranking Vulcan from earlier when she was humming a melody from graduation. Or Suder was flittering and V’lor herself did not notice because of the rank and her difficulty understanding romance at times. She had seen one lover in her whole life and even being more emotional than many Vulcans the idea of attraction and understanding those notions have been difficult. Jason Cole broke her heart and she has been questioning that choice and her own sexual identity since. Was it her? Was it just his mission? Or something she had yet to come to terms with? Regardless if Suder was hitting on her it was it was polite better to be that way with a higher ranked officer. Better to make a friend for the future. Then her captain arrived and he seemed a little upset and annoyed.

V’lor wondered if it was something she did or is Captain Jonathon Rome normally that annoyed at people? Maybe he is what some humans call in a colorful term, asshole. Something she heard in Scotland many times used about her as well as the term bitch. Then again humans are a strange lot and why she loved to be around them so. She greeted Rome in proper protocol and he seemed even upset about that. The least thing she wanted to do was get on the wrong foot of her commanding officer and yet she did. Was it because she was talking to Commander Suder? Did Rome and Suder know each other and what manner was it? Friendly? Rivals? Interesting indeed. Dear God please not the rumor she was a Romulan again… she spent 4 years at the Academy proving she was not.

And it seemed after Captain Rome left when she and Commander Suder talked alone once more, she annoyed Suder with her own self confidence stating she will succeed. Suder seemed to find it arrogant, but to V’lor that is who she is. She had to deal and persevere through people’s misconceptions about her and her abilities growing up and especially when she was on Vulcan constantly reminded of her failure to wanting to not purge all emotions. Every time someone said she could not do something she did it. She never accepted failure and when she did she looked for a way to beat it. She was not arrogant, she was confident in who she is and what she can do. She did not join Starfleet to fail, she joined to succeed. Self assure not overconfidence. The Commander should have known the difference, but her tee time was to start and she did not want to miss it for the world.

Looking out of her window, V’lor watched Earth in all its blue, green, brown and white beneath her from orbit as she changed into more casual clothing for the night. Missing Earth again. Yet, she knew she would be back. Home is where the heart is and her heart will always be on Earth.

Dressed in a night light nightgown that felt cool next to her body, V’lor poured herself a drink of the real stuff to celebrate. Not the synthohol that she was drinking where you can shake off the effects easily, but the real stuff. 12 year old Scotch from the MacLaughlin Brewery one of a case she had in storage on the ship of her personal effects. Sitting down with her drink in hand she enjoyed the liquor with the cooling burn down her throat. Closing her eyes to enjoy every aspect of the sensation warming her body as thoughts of her Scottish Highlands danced in her mind.

To be broken by a chime on her PADD. Grabbing her PADD she turned on the notification to see who it was. It was 2300 hours what could this possibly be? She had an early morning when she was due to officially introduce herself to the captain. Who could have sent this?’ Her hands went down the list it was a request to have a 24 page report done in the morning about one of the systems on the ship. Anger swept through her as she read this. She had this done to her on more than one occasion from her instructors at the Academy. Her Vulcan instructors and now this before she was to present herself to her captain? Who the Hell?

Then her eyes burned in the name that had made this request. Captain Jonathan Rome. The Captain of the USS Hyperion, who she was to introduce herself to in the morning. He sent the order at this time, belaying it to be sent until now!

Her fist hit her table hard. “That arrogant, bloody son of a bitch!” as the words flew out of her mouth. He did this on purpose! Narrowing her eyes and taking a deep breath she calmed herself. Using her Vulcan techniques of calm she allowed the emotions to flow through her even as she wanted to deck her captain this very moment. Until the soothing thoughts came back into her head as the anger left her. She was going to have a long night and she knew it. Good thing Vulcans slept very little and it was time to get to work.

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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Einar S » Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:20 pm

Hahahaha this is fantastic stuff.

Well done all of you, I look forward to getting to know this crew :)
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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Andrew James » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:13 am

hahah Great log!

"V’lor wondered if it was something she did or is Captain Jonathon Rome normally that annoyed at people? Maybe he is what some humans call in a colorful term, asshole."

Yes, brilliant!


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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Aoibhe Ni » Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:45 am

And I for one heartily approve of her opinion of Suder, too! Kesh is not comfortable smiling at strangers. I'm sure it came off all wrong. :)

Great work!

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Re: Zero Logs

Postby Babette C » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:28 pm

"Water, boiling." The glass beaker materialized, its contents bubbling and steaming. Isabelle took a hot pad and wrapped it around the glass beaker, bringing it from the replicator to the table in her quarters. She poured it into her french press, with its precious real coffee grounds ready to be made into proper coffee. She'd managed to hoard a few packages of real coffee beans from Earth, bringing them with her to the space station that she had called home for a few short months. Replicated coffee never quite tasted the same. Five minutes later, she was sipping a freshly pressed cup of black coffee, studying the star map again. "Hm.. oh here it is, Betreka Nebula, that's where we are going.. And Risa's just over there.. Hangon, where's Beta Antares again?" Star maps had never been her forte.

Folded clothes and several of her things were spread out over the small couch in her room. She was still in the midst of packing. Tomorrow she would be boarding the USS Vonnegut, set to rendezvous with the Hyperion, her new ship assignment…

Medical officer Isabelle Rousseau's log, Stardate 11406.16
I am aboard the USS Vonnegut en route to rendezvous with the Hyperion at the edge of the Betreka Nebula. The Vonnegut has been assigned to transfer some new crew members to the Hyperion, including myself and Lt. Commander Danann. Serving aboard the Hyperion is going to be nothing like being on Earth at Starfleet Medical, or serving at the space station. I'm not sure whether to be nervous or excited…

I've heard that the reason that the Hyperion is here is because they are looking for someone named Adria. I'm not clear on the details, I think she had something to do with the capture of a star fleet officer. I've also heard from the medical staff here that the Hyperion's captain, Captain Brax, was seriously injured on the Hyperion's very first mission, and the Vonnegut will be transferring him back to a medical facility. I've heard of his replacement, Capt. Rome. While I was in residency back at Starfleet Medical, he was in a coma there for almost a year. They said it was because of an implant in his brain that had exploded, put there when he was captured while Captain of the Scimitar. If it wasn't for Doctor Lee's expertise and constant care, he wouldn't be alive now. I look forward to working with her, I'm sure that I will learn a lot. Come to think of it, aside from what I know of his medical history, I really don't know that much about Rome.. But I look forward to being a part of this new crew, on my first starship.
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Re: Zero Logs

Postby C. J. Short » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:34 pm

I really like how you data-mined previous logs and transcripts. I think you're going to fit in nicely around here :D
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