U.S.S. Hyperion Arc #4 - The Patrol

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Mission Briefing 11411.24

Postby Einar S » Mon Nov 24, 2014 7:56 pm

COMMUNIQUE TO: All Senior Staff, USS Hyperion NCC-77989
CC: Lieutenant Commander Niahm Danann, First Officer, USS Hyperion NCC-77989
FROM: Captain Jonathan Rome, Commanding Officer, Hyperion NCC-77989

SUBJECT : Mission Briefing Stardate: 11411.24

XO: Get both parts of the ship reunited, we need all the structural integrity we can muster to enter the Badlands. Get Engineering on boosting our SIF, with the main warp core only feeding 2 parts of the ship, he should be able to give us some extra power.

OPS: Look for any signs of technology when we enter, any signal no matter how insignificant.

NAV: Cadet Gunn, this is your big moment. If you don't feel up to it, please inform Commander Danann.

CTO/TAC: Prepare us for battle.

CMO/MED: Doctors, I want one of you stationed on the Bridge and one running Sickbay, pick as you wish. Prepare for casualties.

Captain Rome
Captain Jonathan Rome
Commanding Officer
USS Hyperion

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The Patrol - Epilogue

Postby C. J. Short » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:36 am

The atmosphere on the bridge wasn't great, to say the least. Alessia kept stealing peeks over her shoulder, watching Adria silently seethe at the images on the viewscreen. The Elder lay in pieces, the product of years of research and experimentation, not to mention enough latinum to make all of them rich for life. And their children. And their children's children.

Worse than that, the Nest was compromised; it was devastated by whatever had destroyed The Elder, several large sections of the vessel having lodged themselves well into it. It would have been salvageable, if Starfleet weren't aware of its location. And if Starfleet weren't on their way now, a recollection that caused Alessia no small amount of concern.

"That Starfleet contact really saved our asses," said Murak. The words had torn through the silence, causing 'Less to flinch. She looked to Adria, almost instinctively, wondering how she would take the interruption.

The woman's brilliant amber eyes slowly seemed to focus, as if she'd been far away. Slowly, her gaze turned towards Murak.

"What was his name? Nixon?" Murak continued. His optimistic features dropped as he saw Adria's gaze. "I's just... um... sorry..." said the Lurian, lowering his head as if trying to shrink.

Adria's long legs uncrossed, and she got to her feet, her oppressive boots making their familiar, echoing knocks. She stepped towards the large, wall-sized viewscreen, her hands clasped behind her back.

"No," her dulcet voice echoed. "I'm sorry," she said, drawing looks from everyone on the bridge. Those were words they'd never heard from her before.

"Trusting Nalta with the location of the Nest was a mistake. I misjudged her," she explained. The bridge crew looked to her, not sure what to make of that. Adria had always been so sure, so in-control. 'Less couldn't recall the last time Adria had admitted a mistake, if ever. They sat in silence for a time, before Murak chimed back in.

"Starfleet's salvage ships will be here in ten minutes," he announced. Adria didn't respond immediately, still staring at the screen. Something about her calmness unnerved 'Less. She'd seen Adria angry before; she'd seen the Orion rage with a fury that would make any male of her species envious. It was one of her tools, really. This... this apparent acceptance of such a devastating setback was unexpected. To be honest, she'd expected someone to get shot. Anyone.

Adria slowly turned away from the viewscreen, moving back to her central chair. 'Less caught a glimpse of the woman's eyes, and somewhere, deep down, it terrified her. More than anything, it was a reminder that she had no idea what to expect from the Orion.

"Set a course for Nehru," she ordered. She sat down and crossed her legs once more, her eyes scanning the wreckage of her carefully laid plans one last time.

"Via Temecklia?" asked Murak.

"No. Via Largo." Murak and 'Less exchanged a look.

"That's a Tzenkethi world," the Lurian explained. Adria slowly cast her gaze towards him, and the fire 'Less saw in them put an end to any notion Murak had of debating the decision. "Course laid in," he said, sounding significantly smaller. Adria returned her attention to the viewscreen as the ship turned about. She took a deep breath, straightening in her seat, clutching at the armrests.

"No more games," she said simply.
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