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Akin to Flight

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:36 am

Sarissa stared at the expanse of water and stepped cautiously into it.

"Okay, just have to remember, relax... relax... let the water guide you..."

She waded deeper and deeper until she was at waist level and started off by floating. The sensation alone of being weightless was enough to make her panic, especially when she remembered how she'd done on her zero-g sims.

Next, to actually move. Sarissa tried to stay relaxed by focusing on the happiness of the other people around her as she tried a combination of kicking and moving her arms.

To her surprise, she actually moved farther from shore.

The feeling of it was... initially terrifying. She almost wanted to just give up, but then she remembered something from years ago.

Her father had been trying to teach her mother how to pilot the family vehicle, but Lareia had been hesitant, even scared. Havein had just laughed and told her to loosen up, it wasn't as if it were going to rear up and kill her.

So, Sarissa applied that now, trying to swim farther out and beat this feeling of panic that kept popping up.

It would be awhile, but she had a feeling that it would all end well.
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Memories of Times Past

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:07 am

Sarissa sat with her feet dangling over the edge of the pier, staring into the water. A shadow passed over and Thomas Alvarez plopped down next to her, a bottle of fine grade kali-fal in his grasp, already half-drained.

Sarissa sat at the bar, struggling to regulate the flow of emotions she was feeling from the drunkards in the bar. A shadow passed over her glass of whiskey as a staggering guy dropped into the seat next to her, a bottle clasped in his meaty fist and a bit staining his chin and shirt.

"Did you hear the news yet?" Tommy asked, silently passing the bottle.

"Yes," Sarissa replied, accepting the bottle.

The man chortled and said, "Hey, have you head the good news?"

"What news?" Sarissa asked, glancing furtively around for some help.

Tommy sighed, "Those damn lizards know how to hit us right where we live. I had a friend on that ship. A... good friend. And now she's dead."

Sarissa nodded, "My mother used to work for the councillor from Janus IV, a Horta. She had meant to deliver a proposal to the President about some relief efforts to Cardassia Prime. I was sitting next to her as she waited, trying to figure out my Quantum Physics homework from Professor Namek. The President was exiting that lift that every President uses and he was heading to his office, stopping to talk to Mother, and he got a glimpse of the problem I was struggling with. He simply pointed out the error I'd transposed in the original equation I had copied down. He wasn't smug about it, or rude, just helpful."

Tommy managed a grin, "Kinda like when I first met you."

"You're the lucky lady I'm gonna buy a drink for!" the man laughed, signalling the barkeep.

"I already have one," Sarissa replied, pointing to her whiskey.

"You'll have another one, doll, on me!"

"And you'll be a good boy and quit terrorizing all the women in this place," a stranger said, grasping the man's hefty forearm.

"How could I forget?" Sarissa smiled faintly, "You saved me from an annoying drunken pig."

"If I recall, you had several other words to say at the time," Tommy outright laughed, drawing several strange looks from other people nearby. The bottle was continuously passed as they recalled how they'd wound up meeting.

"Who're you to stop me, punk? I'm just talking to the lady," the man scoffed.

The stranger didn't look amused, his cadet uniform standing out in the crowd.

"She's clearly not interested. Your first hint should've been when she turned down the drink. He's clearly bothering you, right, miss?"

Sarissa shrugged, "If you say so. I've mostly ignored him, although his emotional outpouring has given me a lot of practice."

The man got angry now.

"What am I, a guinea pig? Typical Romulans!"

Tommy snickered, "Y'know, I remember how he made some slur about Romulans. Didn't you hit him, oh little pacifist?"

Sarissa flushed, "He was a prick and I had three whiskeys already, of course I hit him."

"Excuse me? How rude and assumptive of you!" Sarissa retorted, standing sharply and pouring her drink over the guy in a moment of brazenness that she'd probably regret later.

The stranger chuckled, "I told you, she isn't interested."

The man was now truly angry and he offered up a muttered Romulan curse that caused Sarissa to flush green and before she knew what she was even doing, she had her hand drawn back.

The slap resounded around the surrounding crowd as people turned to stare at a Romulan slapping a drunken Rigellian.

"But if I recall," Sarissa continued smoothly, "He thought you hit him and you managed to set off a bar fight."

"You started it, actually," Tommy retorted, his hand coming up to rub his forehead, in the exact spot where that bottle had broken.

The Rigellian was pissed now and swung at the stranger, using the hand that was fisted around the unidentifiable bottle.

The cadet went down, a gash on his forehead and a string of curses tumbling from his mouth.

Sarissa's training kicked in and she knelt next to him, swearing in a few languages she'd picked up over the years about that particular drunken Rigellian beast as she tried to staunch the bleeding.

"Look what you did now," the cadet slurred, "You started a bar fight."

"He threw the first punch."

"Because you slapped him."

Sarissa snorted, finishing off the bottle, "You really know how to lighten a mood, don't you?"

Tommy grinned, "And you've become a lightweight."

"Whiskey is hardly comparable to Romulan ale or even kali-fal."

"You're still almost tipsy and you've barely had a quarter of a bottle."

Sarissa had managed to help the cadet out onto the street and out of the ensuing bar fight.

"Helluva fight. Wish I'd stayed," the guy slurred, "I'm Cadet First-Class Thomas Alvarez, but most folks call me Tommy."

Sarissa grinned. She'd heard of this one before. The bane of the medical staff and the apparent hero of several women for his chivalry.

"I'm Cadet Second-Class Sarissa. You're command track, right? With pilot training?"

"Yeah. Aren't you medical track? My roommate made some comment about a Romulan on medical, but most Romulans aren't empaths."

"How do you know I'm an empath?"

"You were talking about emotional projections and control and stuff. My buddy back home is a Betazoid."

"I'm half-Betazoid. Trust me, it can be a pain."

Tommy smirked, "I bet. Wanna get a drink?"

"Is this how you meet all girls?"

"Usually I don't meet 'em until after they start the bar fight."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"You do that."

Sarissa stifled an annoyed sigh as Tommy laughed and then winced. Probably concussion, she silently diagnosed.

Tommy burst out laughing, "Hey, at least you apologized by dragging me out of that fight."

"I could have handled him," Sarissa protested, but giggled anyway.

"I'm sure you could have. I'm just a nice guy."

"If annoying!"

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Re: CMO Lt. JG Sarissa

Postby James Greenman » Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:24 am

D'awwww, I loved that log. That was great, I think I like those two together :allears:
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Re: CMO Lt. JG Sarissa

Postby Einar S » Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:11 am

the perfect log to go with my morning coffee :) well done
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Re: CMO Lt. JG Sarissa

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Sun Aug 02, 2015 2:34 am

S.T.A.R. Zero Log

(Did I do this right? God, I hope so... this would be awkward if I didn't :awes: )
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The Story of the Sword

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:08 am

Thirty-year-old Havein tr'Kaveth stared in at the blades displayed in the fine shop. His old friend stood next to him, snickering.

"They're just blades, no need to be fanciful," Deron tr'Khnialmnae pointed out. Havein scowled at him.

"Deron, grow a brain for once! Whichever one I choose, it'll go to my kids if I ever actually have any. So, please let me take this seriously."

"Fine, fine. Which one catches your eye, then? Better be that cute lady in there getting her own."

"I've seen her around. She's a Fleet Commander and far older than me. I'm also not about to flirt with a Tal Shiar operative."

"Point taken."

Havein pointed at one of the blades closer to the window, the finer displays of workmanship.

"Something like that one. Thin but tough, with that little slit up the blade so you can catch an opponent's and fling it out of their grasp. A nice-looking hilt, but nothing too fancy. Obviously with my House symbol engraved, but that seems to be about my criterion."

Deron snickered, "So a fashionable yet simple blade just like everyone else."

"Is there a problem with that?"

"No, just commenting. C'mon, let's go in so you can order and I can flirt with that other cute lady."

"She's military, a Centurion."

"Don't care, pal. She's still cute."

Havein almost hit his friend upside the head, but they were being watched by the shop owner, who was giving the pair a disdainful look.


The blade rested carefully on his hip, fastened securely, as Havein made his way towards the bar at the diplomatic conference, trying to ignore the fact that he was the scientific advisor to the ambassador and was obliged to at least talk science with someone, other than the unfriendly-looking Tellarite bartender.

He ordered a drink and stared into it, watching the reflections of the Romulan and Federation delegations. There was that annoying Betazoid ambassador, that dull Starfleet admiral, and... hello there.

A young woman was making her way to the bar, PADD in hand, and promptly told the bartender to give her his strongest concoction.

"Can you handle that?" Havein asked conversationally, resting a casual hand on the hilt of his blade when he noticed the glare that a Starfleet captain was giving him. Judging from the similarities, that must be this girl's father.

"Oh, trust me, there's nothing this Tellarite can whip up that'll knock me down for long. I've got to be on my feet constantly," she smiled, "Though strange Romulans don't usually start a conversation without a purpose."

"I want to not be here, is that a purpose?"

"No, and you can take your hand off that hilt, it's fine."

"Not while that captain is still glaring at me."

She flicked the captain a dark look and her eyes narrowed. The man winced and turned away to talk to that annoying Betazoid.

"Sorry about him. He's pretty protective of me, probably because I'm his only daughter. He never acts like this with my brothers."

Havein was mildly confused, "How did you get him to turn away with a look?"

He removed his hand from the hilt of the blade as she replied, "Not just a look. I'm Betazoid, so I sent him a warning message."

His eyebrow seemed to rise of its own volition.

"Betazoid, huh? Don't tell me you work with the other one."

"No, I work for her. She can't organize her life worth a damn. She needs me to keep her calendar in order and besides, there is Mister Homn, I think his name is. I always call him Mister H. And her daughter is of some help."

"You talk a lot, did you know that?" Havein chuckled. She flushed.

"Not nice to say to someone you don't even know, Mister Romulan."

"Well, I'm Havein ir-Artaleirh tr'Kaveth. And you?"

"Lareia Colvem. Do not even ask about my name, it was my mother's choice."

"I wasn't going to," he replied as he made a mental note to look into why she would say that.


Havein sat in a Starfleet bar and mused over the blade he turned over and over in his hands. After his boss and his best friend had convinced him that the Federation was a better place, he had gone with them on the Khazara to defect.

Now, he had just been released from an interrogation session and had his blade returned. They seemed satisfied that he was just the scientific advisor for the now former Vice Proconsul and not some Tal Shiar spy.

He'd gotten a message from his brother that the Tal Shiar had found his secret comm files and were now questioning Jarek, much to Havein's annoyance. His brother didn't deserve to have blame cast on him for Havein's choice and he most certainly did not deserve-

"Mind if I sit here?" a familiar voice asked.

Havein looked up to see black eyes gazing at him, a few strands of long hair in the way.

"Of course, Lareia, by all means."

She sat and turned her now angry gaze on him.

"What the hell were you thinking? You don't just up and leave your home because you want to defect! I know the stories of the Tal Shiar and what they do to those families. What were you thinking? Certainly not of your own family, to put them in such danger!"

"I wasn't thinking of them. They've never really approved of my choice to be a scientist rather than a soldier. I was thinking of someone else."


He lifted the blade and snagged her wrist to press the hilt firmly to her palm. Her fingers wrapped around it.

"I was thinking of you. Our conversations, both in person and over those encrypted channels, showed me something about myself. They showed me that despite what I kept telling myself over the years, I do have the capacity to care and not inadvertently hurt someone in the process."

Lareia stared at the blade and said, "I've studied and I know what this means. We've only met in person a handful of times, how can you trust me like this?"

Havein grinned, "Because you're not the only one who can read people. One of my few decent qualities is that I'm fully proficient in judging the correctly trustworthy people."

"I-I don't know what to say..."

"Then don't say anything at all."


Havein watched as his daughter stared quizzically at the array of books before her. She was studying for the Starfleet entrance exams and was so obviously confused about physics, still.

Sarissa looked up and pushed an errant strand of hair away from her face before asking, "How do I do this again?"

"Take a break for a moment and let your mind rest. You've been at this for a month now."

"Exams are tomorrow!"

"And you can only be so prepared. Besides, I want to talk to you about something."

Sarissa looked like she wanted to protest, but didn't and followed Havein to his study, where he lifted his old Honor Blade from its spot on the wall and unsheathed it. The hilt was a bit dulled with time, it had been almost a century since he had gotten it, but the blade still shone silver as always. He made a point to clean the blade every week or whenever he was stumped on a project.

She stared at it in awe, never having actually really seen it before.

"I know full well what Starfleet entails. Your grandfather died in the service and I've no intention of letting my daughter do the same. So, I'm going to finally give this to you, as I should have years ago."

"Father, really, I'm just going to be a counselor!"

"Have you forgotten how your mother's best friend was almost killed on several occasions whilst serving on a starship?"

"How could I?"

"Trust me, 'Rissa, just keep this with you. It has saved me several times, and I hope it will do the same for you."

Sarissa just stared at it and looked pensive.


Now, Sarissa sat in her hotel room on Risa and gazed at the sheathed blade where it sat in her bag. She still carried it, but she'd never once pulled it out.

She stood and walked over to the bag, pulling the blade out and unsheathed it, noticing that the metal was starting to dull slightly from her lack of attention.

And, just as her father had shown her before she entered Starfleet, she cleaned the blade, ensuring that it wasn't damaged or dulled, including the hilt.

She may need it for what was coming.
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Re: CMO Lt. JG Sarissa

Postby James Greenman » Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:13 am

That was absolutely riveting from start to finish, the little touch at the end about the blade being slightly neglected was really good.

It's probably gonna see some action soon :allears:
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Of Patience and a Whole Lot of Coffee

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:05 am

(as aCMO Nurse Gary Williams)

There were some days that Gary really hated his job. Today, that included to hating his boss. He was only filling in as the Chief Medical Officer, not taking over, for God's sake. No need to give him a giant packet of crap and expecting him to waste good sleeping hours on that asinine waste.

Granted, he wouldn't ever say that to Doc's face, because she'd probably kick him straight out of Sickbay and back to the Holodeck triage unit that he had grown to despise during the conflict. That would top off what was quickly becoming a piss-poor week.

Sighing, he picked up the PADD and settled for skimming it, ignoring the long, drawn-out crap and getting the meat and potatoes, as it were, of the information. He noticed that Doc had written a lot of this herself and mused at how wordy she can be.

"Damn, Doc, couldn't have kept it short and sweet, could ya?" he muttered, his Southern accent coating his words. Why did he chose medical again?

Oh, that's right, because his life dream was to be just like a certain grouchy Southern admiral he'd had the pleasure of meeting at Starfleet Medical once. That man was a downright grouch, but a great doctor.

That still didn't help him now. He was only a quarter of the way through the packet and had only three hours left because he'd spent the flight messing around and not doing what he was supposed to.

Now, he was about to turn this into a good, old-fashioned cram session.

He stood and made his way back to a replicator and ordered a large raktajino with a shot of Jack Daniels, something a crazy Tellarite had come up with for just this kind of cram session. It tasted like a mugato had peed in battery acid, but it had a real kick to it.

Gary made his way back to his seat and got comfortable for the long haul.

Now he just needed to remind himself that cursing out loud at the PADD would probably be frowned upon by the other passengers and would certainly be frowned upon by that cute lady he'd been chatting with earlier.

Oh well. Time to tuck and roll, as that crazy Tellarite had always said.
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Just Another Day in Sickbay

Postby Vanessa Brinkman » Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:02 pm

(as aCMO Gary Williams)

"I swear, these engineers don't know how to keep themselves in one piece!" Gary complained as he logged yet another bump that an engineer had failed to report until it started to bruise in really pretty colors.

Nurse Lorella Kelly shrugged, "It can't be as bad as that Vulcan. He didn't even acknowledge that he was sick until he damn near passed out. And he was cute, too!"

"You've just got a thing for the scruffy-looking ones."

"You wouldn't be wrong. Bad boys always look cute."

"Didn't ya once say that about a Bajoran who turned out to be the most well-behaved kid a guy could ever meet?"

"Who, Loret? He looked like he'd been up to some trouble!" Lorella protested, "Anyway, between the engineers and the security department, I think we've met our quota of gold-shirts in here for a long time. You should have seen that one security officer who wandered in here. I think he forgot what the safeties are for on the holodeck."

"Ouch. That ought to have reminded him," Gary winced a bit as she showed him the log of the officer's injuries, "What was he running, a bar sim? That's a place a guy should never be injured."

The noise level outside the office increased slightly again and then ebbed, mainly because of a loud bang as someone tripped over something.

"How much ya wanna bet that it was our new doctor who tripped over something?" Gary chuckled, watching as said doctor picked himself back up and carried on, much to the amusement of the medical staff.

"Not much, because I watched it happen, just as you did. Now, did you actually go over the reports I submitted or did you just... oh, you just left them there."

"Only 'cause they were in my way. I told ya, leaving reports on the corner of any desk I'm using is gonna get them sent to the floor in short order."

Lorella sighed, "Fine. Give them to me and I'll log them. Aren't you supposed to be the acting CMO?"

"When you've got the kinda reading material that I do, ya might think twice about that. I'm still only halfway through that huge packet Doc left for me. Does she hate me or something?"

"Probably. Or you should actually sit down and finish it. I think the last part has something to do with the files of the new staff. You know, like the lack of spacial perception that our new doc probably has?"

"Ya mean clumsy over there? I should probably finish that part at least. And how did ya know?"

Lorella's reply was interrupted by a small crowd of bored-looking newbies wandering in for their physicals.

"Ain't no rest for the wicked, eh?" Gary grinned.

"Oh, shoo. I've got to check on that Vulcan and you've got work to do."

As Gary headed out to get started on this latest crowd, he tossed the PADD he'd been using to input the data onto his desk and wasn't surprised at the resounding crash as the stack hit the floor.

At least those damned things were durable. What did Starfleet have against good ol' pen and paper anyway?
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Re: CMO Lt. JG Sarissa

Postby James Greenman » Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:12 pm

I like Vary :allears:

Can we keep him around even after the Doc gets back?
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