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First Contact Day - 5th April

Aaaaah, First Contact Day. The day when humanity finally proved itself enlightened enough to join the interstellar community, forever changing both itself and the galaxy around it. It's a tale we're all familiar with. The Phoenix, the first warp bubble, the Vulcan science vessel picking up on it, the Borg trying to go back through time to screw it all up...

And it's worth an acknowledgement in game, I reckon.

If you are Vulcan or Human, it's clearly a very important holiday, but what about if you're Andorian?
Or Betazoid?
Or Bajoran?
Chances are you won't be all that excited to celebrate. It's just another holiday, right? Maybe you're friends with a Vulcan, and could have a discussion about how you feel First Contact Day isn't a day worth celebrating as all around you crew put on party hats and get out the streamers. Maybe you feel the day that peace was brokered with the Andorians is a day more worthy of mention. Maybe, after Federation Day not long ago, this second holiday just seems like too much distraction from all those warp coils you need to have inspected. Or maybe, it's a good excuse for a party!

Either way, I suspect First Contact Day will land one or two NPCs in a brig somewhere for over-celebtrating, and perhaps even a character or two, too.

First Contact


Happy First Contact day, STEers!

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