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Email Strings vs Forums

For the past few days we Game Managers have been in deep discussion. We have what I’m terming a galaxy-class situation. Each week, as you write your logs you’ll want to share them with your fellow players, and as it stands we have two ways for you to do that.

On the stardrive section, there are the email strings built for each ship/station, and on the saucer section are the forums. We understand that some of you prefer the one to the other, however having the two options tends to split the community unnecessarily, and we’re seeing logs half over here and half over there.

But the battle bridge wasn’t designed to be the main bridge, and it’s time to reconnect the two sections. From this point on, we’d like all logs and discussions to be posted on the forums, and not to the email strings. Keeping everything in one place helps keep it all organised. The forums have a fine search function, and don’t forget you can receive email notifications when you subscribe to any threads.

The email strings will be used by your command officers and Game Directors for any game announcements. Captains and Executive Officers will be posting mission briefings to the forum, and also emailing them out for the sake of convenience.

Please take a couple of minutes to read our log posting guidelines here.

We’re always trying to make sure Star Trek: Engage provides you all with a fun experience. Always feel free to make any suggestions and give us your feedback - on the forums!


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