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Announcing the re-launch of Sigma Rho Station!

Are you available on Friday evenings @ 7 pm PST (that's Friday @ 10 pm EST/Saturday @ 3 am UTC)?

Star Trek: Engage is thrilled to announce the relaunch of Sigma Rho station with an exciting first mission! Join her crew NOW and you can play a pivotal role in her first mission back!

Discover what's lurking in the shadows of the Rho's long-abandoned corridors. What strange things could the retreating Tzenkethi forces have left oozing in the bulkheads? Or ticking in the consoles? Or twined into the station's ODN relays?


//If you choose to join her crew, you'll be on the frontier of Federation space, short on supplies and low on resources//

If anything were to go wrong (and something always goes wrong), you'd only have your fellow crew members for backup... Sounds cozy, huh? ;)

To join the crew of the Sigma Rho, click here, and select the "crew" tab to see what's available.

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