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A Call to Command.

Star Trek: Engage is currently offering not one, but two command level positions. We have an XO and a CO spot that need to be filled, and you could be the person we're looking for!

The CO position is now open on the USS Sentinel, and the XO position has recently become available on the USS Bremen.

Any players with a character at Lt. Commander or higher are eligible for these positions (remember, if you wish to transfer a character from a different chat game, we are happy to transfer your service record and rank over to ST: E, just contact STE Management and we'll talk you through it!), and all those eligible are welcome to apply, but there are a few details that will make your application stand out when we are choosing who to fill the roster with.

Command Question

Participation: This is the main thing we will look at. We will speak to your current GD, and find out how your character interacts with others. If you wish to command your own starship, a certain level of character amiability will be required. Many of us love to play the wild card on a ship, but if your character refuses to play by the rules, you can bet your last slip of latinum he or she will not be handed their own ship.

Attendance: How often do you miss a mission? How often are you late? Both of these are important factors in the decision making process, too. If you arrive late, or if you often miss a mission, we can't trust you with the most important part of your ship's mission arc. If the big decisions often fall to someone else in your crew to make in your absense, then your crew won't get the best overall playing experience.

Logs: Do you write them? Do you get them in regularly and on time? Do you encourage others to write? Do you comment on other players' logs on the forums? Encouraging your fellow players in their writing is a good sign to us. If you make a point to cheer on new players in their first log attempts, or if you often write collaborative "joint" logs with other players, we'll definitely have you on the 'Nice' list.

Overall: Do you make time to chat to your crew in the OOC? In Character, do you try to spark off ideas in others (also know as "plotting" :) ), and are you willing to take a back role in other player's character arcs to help them tell their stories? Have you done any research into your position on your current ship so that you can play it better? These things all show us that you are invested in the game, in your ship, and your crew and are therefore ready and able to take command of your very own ship!

If you are keen to take up the challenge of commanding an ST: E ship, bravo! Please contact us using the contact form here: www.startrekengage.com/contact stating which ship you are interested in joining in a command capacity. We will then send you out a questionnaire to answer which will include a sample Mission Brief for CO's, and a few sample scenarios for XO's (among other things...) and we'll contact everyone shortly after to announce our decision.


Closing date for applications will be the 11th of November, so get your names in now!

The best of luck to you all!


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